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No, You're Not The Only One Who Thinks Gold Rush's Parker Schnabel Looks Like Adam Driver

"Gold Rush" continues to be a major success on the Discovery Channel, and much of that can be attributed to Parker Schnabel. Since the show began and Schnabel's grandfather transferred the Big Nugget mine to him, Schnabel has remained a central figure. He has led crew after crew in mining gold for profit, and his efforts have made for some great TV. Despite being rather hard-headed, Schnabel has proven his skills as a miner and taken significant risks with his business, all the while growing up before viewers' eyes. Most recently, in Season 13, he extended his operations to Alaska, where he quickly butted heads with a local landowner. In order to succeed there, he had to recruit a relatively inexperienced Australian to his team before eventually crowdsourcing employees from social media. Throughout it all, Schnabel managed to prevail as his usual resilient self.

However, fans have noticed something else throughout the years that doesn't have anything to do with Schnabel's captivating personality or knack for mining. As one quick search of Twitter might show, Schnabel bears more than a passing resemblance to actor Adam Driver. Yes, that Adam Driver of "Star Wars" and "Girls" fame. The best part is that Parker Schnabel agrees with the fans on this one.

Parker wants to look even more like Adam Driver

The memes about Parker Schnabel resembling Adam Driver have floated around the Internet for years, but Schnabel has been aware of the resemblance for just as long. Even in Season 6, he was fielding questions from reporters about the similarities between him and Driver. In an interview with Hidden Remote, he both acknowledged the coincidence and expressed a desire to look even more like Driver.

"I'm working on growing my hair so I can slick it back like his," he told the outlet after revealing that three reporters had asked him about his Driver-ish appearance earlier that day. "Just give me a little time, and I'll get there."

The interviewer also suggested that Schnabel team up with Driver on "Saturday Night Live," which may or may not be the greatest idea ever uttered in an interview. "SNL" has certainly mined mining material in the past – including in a cult-favorite unaired Will Ferrell sketch – so the possibility is at least on the table.