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Bruce Campbell's Great Idea For An Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr. Revival

Most people think of Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in the "Evil Dead" franchise. That said, some of his best work can be found in his lesser-known efforts such as "Bubba Ho-Tep," "My Name Is Bruce," and "Maniac Cop." In the early '90s, however, he spearheaded a sci-fi Western series called "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.," and it's one of the most beloved projects in his entire oeuvre to this day.

"The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr." follows the titular Harvard-educated lawyer/bounty hunter as he rides through the wild frontier in search of the gang of bandits who murdered his father. It isn't a simple revenge saga, though, as Brisco often finds himself sidetracked by random occurrences along the way, such as mystical orbs, ninjas, ghosts, and his on-again, off-again lover Dixie (Kelly Rutherford).

The series was canceled in 1994 after one season, but Bruce Campbell hasn't forgotten about his days as a television cowboy. In fact, "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr." is one project that the actor would love to return to — and he has a great idea in mind for a revival series.

Bruce Campbell wants Brisco to pass the torch to new characters

"The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr." features one of television's great odd couple buddy pairings. Brisco and Lord Bowler (Julius Carry) start out as rivals, but they eventually develop a begrudging fondness for each other, which leads to them teaming up to take down the bad guys. Sadly, Carry passed away in 2008, but Campell's idea for a revival series honors the legacy of Bowler.

In an interview with Slash Film, Campbell revealed that the revival series would follow both characters' kids. "The Adventures of Brisco County" is ... you would bring him back following the death of Lord Bowler to find out who killed Lord Bowler, and you have potentially a Brisco son with Dixie that we don't know about, and maybe a Bowler's son that we don't know about, and maybe those guys team up," he said.

Of course, Campbell would still be involved, and he isn't opposed to climbing back onto a horse. "With [Brisco] being a successful San Francisco lawyer, maybe he's got to saddle up again at some point. But you'd have to take a new spin on the whole thing, but I'd be all over that like a cheap suit."