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The Big Bang Theory Creator Bill Prady Had A Favorite 'Nerd Explosion' Involving Sheldon

Part of the reason "The Big Bang Theory" was such a success was its well-written characters, and none were more layered than Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons). Over 12 seasons, viewers saw Sheldon explode over various touchy subjects, like his special spot on the couch (which was Chuck Lorre's personal favorite). Lorre's co-creator Bill Prady has also revealed the moment that stood out to him the most, and it involves Sheldon with a very important document.

Sheldon's roommate agreement was a source of humor that was frequently used on "The Big Bang Theory." The agreement allows Sheldon to avoid interpersonal conflict over things like relationships and shared bathroom management. It also led to the notable and explosive outburst that Prady has highlighted, in which Sheldon's strict guidelines backfire in a hilarious way. The episode in question includes a heartwarming exchange with another character that shows Sheldon's more vulnerable side.

It's funny and insightful to hear why this specific moment stood out so much for Prady. Here's what he had to say.

Sheldon's roommate agreement has some loopholes

In "The Big Bang Theory" Season 4 episode "The Agreement Dissection," Leonard is dating Raj's sister Priya, who happens to be a very good lawyer. When Sheldon deems her presence disruptive to their apartment and a violation of the roommate agreement, Priya takes matters into her own hands. She points out the loopholes in Sheldon's contract, which sends him into Bill Prady's favorite moment of nerd fury. 

"I love the episode where Sheldon doesn't like that Leonard is dating Raj's sister," Prady told Entertainment Weekly. "She was a lawyer and kept finding loopholes in the roommate agreement and was using it against him. Sheldon gets so mad that he ends up threatening to tell her parents she was dating Leonard and uses the 'Star Trek' self-destruct sequence to do it. To me, that was this great nerd explosion."

Sheldon's extreme response is perfectly in line with his character and his obsession with the beloved sci-fi show. It's a prime example of the stubborn physicist needing things to go his way, and one of the few times his antics were thwarted by someone who managed to outsmart him. Prady balanced this out by noting the touching scene he loves between Sheldon and Penny: When she was working as a waitress, she managed to get Leonard Nimoy's autograph on a napkin. Penny gives this to Sheldon for Christmas, and, in return, he hugs her for the very first time, which Prady also singled out as memorable.