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Will There Be An Evil Summer In Rick And Morty?

While "Rick and Morty" fans have already met Evil Rick and Evil Morty throughout the show, they wonder if they'll see an Evil Summer someday. And all the better, the actress who voices Summer, Spencer Grammer, is down if the opportunity presents itself.

Fans saw what Evil Summer could be like in the Season 6 episode featuring alternate versions of the Smith family called the Night Family. When Rick allows the family to turn into "Night" versions of themselves so they can get everything they want done, like doing the dishes and cleaning the house, the Night Family gains their own sentience and wants to live a life of their own.

Night Summer became the de facto leader of the Night Family in their efforts to overtake the regular day-versions of the family. However, all goes back to normal for the Smiths after the Somnambulator that created the Night Family is destroyed, and the night consciousness merges back with the family's regular day consciousness.

There have been other hints of Summer turning evil in the series, but viewers haven't met full-on Evil Summer yet. Grammer talked about the eventuality of that version of her character.

There have been multiple teases of Evil Summer in the past couple seasons

In a mafia-themed Season 5 episode of "Rick and Morty" entitled "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion," Summer collected robots for Rick and became the leader of their Voltron-like trading crime syndicate. Of course, she's kicked out after Rick becomes too much to handle, but Summer expresses anger at always being the odd one out in the family.

Summer voice actress Spencer Grammer spoke about the episode to Inverse, saying, "It was really fun because to be more in control and more like Rick in a lot of ways, which to me feels like a very natural progression for Summer. I can't wait until she starts messing things up more. Evil Summer is probably the most like Rick she can possibly be. The female people in the family take after Rick a lot, so that's where her intelligence lies."

While Grammer wasn't implying that the mafia-leader version of Summer was Evil Summer, she suggested that it left the door open for that kind of characterization to be explored in the future — and something she'd love to be a part of. Night Summer in Season 6 gave fans another taste of what the character could be like without fully embracing the concept. 

Evil Summer teases are likely to continue throughout the upcoming Season 7 of "Rick and Morty." The showrunners clearly know fans want to see Summer come out of her shell, and it would appear the show is building toward it.