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Which Whose Line Is It Anyway Episode Featured Richard Simmons?

Not that it ever went anywhere, but "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" came back in a big way over the last few years. Equal parts unpredictable, comforting, and long-running, the classic improvised comedy series became the perfect comfort food binge-watch for anyone stuck at home, isolated, and desperate for more Greg Proops.

As old fans returned to the game where everything's made up and the points don't matter, many found old memories resurfacing — the time when Chip Esten, "The Office's" regional manager from Stamford tried to snap Ryan Stiles' back in half, for example, or that brief period when Robin Williams went bleach blonde. And then, arguably topping every other throwback that the show had to offer, there was the time when fitness personality and living Stefan from "Weekend Update" character Richard Simmons made an appearance on the show. In the days leading up to his celebrity guest stint, some people might have said that there was no such thing as a perfect episode of television. Those people have since gone to live out their days in the mountains in shame.

It was always Richard Simmons' line, anyway

With the unstoppable enthusiasm of a cannonball made out of SSRIs and glitter glue, fitness guru and anthropomorphized positive vibe Richard Simmons came bounding onto the stage of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" during episode 17 of season five.

It takes a lot to be unanimously considered one of the best comedians in "Whose Line" history. Then again, it also takes some doing to stand in a room full of improv comics and still be the person most easily described as "a lot," but damned if Simmons didn't pull it off, firing off an opening volley of blown kisses and twirls and audience-rousing gesticulation and proclamations of excitement. Longtime host Drew Carey managed to get two words, "Living Scenery," out of his mouth, before Simmons claimed his throne as the center of the Kingdom of Attention: "This is my favorite game!" he cried, before eliciting more screams from the crowd by tacking on, "How about you all?"

What follows is six minutes of infectiously high-energy comedy, with Simmons playing roles like "coin-fed binoculars" and "surprisingly limber deck chair, considering its age." It doesn't last long, but it doesn't have to — across many, many unofficial uploads, the video has become one of the most-watched "Whose Line" clips ever.