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Cole Hauser's Favorite Yellowstone Season 4 Scene Was A Serious One

"Yellowstone" isn't a show that's exactly brimming with comedy. Though there's an occasional chuckle to be had, the show tends to prefer tense moments and stone-faced stoicism in the face of chaos and danger far more than rubber-faced goofiness.

As such, the competition is tough when choosing the most serious "Yellowstone" character. Even so, you can rest reasonably assured that Rip Wheeler's name will appear somewhere very near the top of that list, regardless of who's compiling. To say that the ruthless, yet loyal Dutton Ranch foreman doesn't mess around is an understatement, and Cole Hauser portrays the character with the appropriate combination of deceptive calmness and barely contained, explosive fury. 

Rip is a man of upsetting moments, and given the seriousness of the vast majority of the "Yellowstone" scenes Hauser is part of, it's no surprise that the actor's favorite Season 4 scene leans away from levity. Here's the "Yellowstone" Season 4 scene he considers his favorite.

Hauser loves Rip's quiet talk with Carter

Apart from his undying loyalty to John Dutton (Kevin Costner), Rip's biggest emotional attachment by far is his long-standing love for Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). As Rip and Beth grow closer to each other over the course of the series, they share a number of deep, difficult, and tender moments. However, as Cole Hauser stated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight (via YouTube), his favorite moment of the season didn't actually feature Beth at all. Instead, he names an unassuming conversation about life with Rip and Beth's stepson-of-sorts, Carter (Finn Little).

"The scene with Carter where I open the door and he sit in there, and that conversation about life," Hauser named his favorite scene, where Rip gives some tough love advice about Carter's future ... or lack thereof, working for the Duttons notwithstanding. "I think it says not only a lot of what Rip believes in, but also the mentality that it takes to survive not only in life, but also on a ranch." Hauser then went on to explain that Carter allows the show to explore different sides of Rip, Beth, and other characters, which he enjoys.

"Yellowstone" fans haven't always felt positive about Carter in Season 4, but judging by these comments, the foreman on the ranch certainly has the young man's back.