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1923 Theory: Whitfield Will Kidnap Alex (And Spencer Will Save The Day)

With all the cliffhangers that adorned the Season 1 finale of "1923," fan theories are probably unavoidable. We know, of course, because "Yellowstone" exists, that the Dutton family manages to maintain control over at least a significant portion of their land for the next hundred years. The open question is how they manage to do so. It is also not outside the realm of possibility that the ranch does indeed fall out of Dutton hands, given that we now have an announced sequel "1944" in development in which the family could potentially win it back. 

This in turn means that Season 2 is potentially open season on just about any of the characters that viewers have come to root for. Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) has already dodged death once. Can he manage to do it again? What of his wife Cara (Helen Mirren)? This is, as we've had hit home for us time and again in the events of the "Yellowstone" universe, an absolutely ruthless world with nothing in the way of sentimentality for a favorite character or anything else of the like.

One person who we do know survives — at least long enough to make sure the ranch is secure in Dutton hands — is prodigal son Spencer (Brandon Sklenar). We know this because Elsa's (Isabel may) narration establishes it in the very first episode of "1923." But even this leaves quite a bit open to chance, particularly now that he's found someone — his wife Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer) — to not just live for, but also someone who has spurred him on to reconnect with his family, even travel halfway across the world to fight for the Dutton legacy. It isn't altogether unlikely, then, that the Duttons' enemies may come to see Alexandra as Spencer's Achilles heel.

Spencer unleashes hell

Over at the r/1923Series subreddit, u/ShadowCaster0476 shared a theory that, somehow, in Season 2 of "1923," Alexandra will somehow make it to Bozeman, Montana, before Spencer does. It's not an unreasonable guess. Though the Season 1 finale saw Spencer being rowed away on a dinghy while Alex remained trapped on the ship, she does have family connections — albeit likely strained — in the ship's destination of London. What's more, there's every reason to believe that Spencer will encounter his own set of obstacles when he arrives at the nearest port of call. Without Spencer, though, Alex will arrive in Montana with a target on her back. 

"She innocently asks around to find the Duttons," wrote u/ShadowCaster0476, "and gets kidnapped by Banner (Jerome Flynn) and Whitfield (Timothy Dalton)." Given what we've already learned about Whitfield's sadistic treatment of women, this could be terrifying news for viewers, cause for concern for Alex's safety. A comment from u/EllieJamesYA also suggested, "I can easily see Whitfield's accent and wealth lulling her into accepting his help." Again though, this is very likely to enrage Spencer, giving him one more very good reason to put Whitfield out of business by any means necessary. 

It's no news to fans of "1923" that Spencer is absolutely head-over-heels for Alex and unwaveringly devoted to protecting her. For that reason, most comments agreed that Spencer would hold back absolutely nothing in going up against Whitfield and Banner. "Can you imagine the carnage in Spencer's path if Alex is kidnapped by Banner, Whitfield and their gang of thugs?" asked u/Giannandco. "Things could get messy..."

"Messy" might be an understatement. Though he shows no apparent thirst for violence, even warning Alex's ex-fiancé Arthur (Rafe Soule) not to fight him, he is fully capable of causing real damage.