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What Is The Song In Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle Commercial With Whitney Peak?

Spring's coming, and that means it's time to get out and go. Chanel's long-lived Coco Mademoiselle line is marketed toward young folks, elegant types who stay out all day and party all night. Chanel sells the fragrance in numerous ways — pressed into soaps, as a deodorant, in shower gel form, and, naturally, as a perfume.

Chanel has a long history of using celebrities as spokespeople, including Marion Cotillard, who helped hawk their famous scent Chanel No. 5. How has Chanel chosen to sell Coco Mademoiselle to those who might yearn to wear it? With a brand-new commercial featuring its first Black Coco Mademoiselle spokesmodel,  actress Whitney Peak, who has taken over for previous Chanel Mademoiselle spokesperson Keira Knightley. Peak has previously worked for Chanel in numerous campaigns for its other brands, including their 22 Bags advertising blitz for their handbag line, and serving as their US Local Ambassador in 2021. 

Peak's first ad for Coco Mademoiselle features her frolicking through Paris — dancing in the deep of night at various clubs, traveling around town in a convertible with friends, gliding through the air on a swing in a playground, and chilling out alone at her hotel room after a long night and day. It's an atmosphere of beauty and calm and yet electric energy. The elegance of her sojourning is underscored by this propulsive, disco-like dance track.

That's Amanda Lear you hear

That's French singer Amanda Lear's 1978 hit "Follow Me" you hear in Coco Mademoiselle's latest ad. Lear has led quite the unusual life. She first came to public attention as a fashion model in the '60s and then gained further acclaim as an artist's model. A friend, mentee, and muse of surrealist Salvador Dalí, it was her then-boyfriend — David Bowie — who encouraged Lear to enter the pop arena, paying for her dancing lessons and singing lessons. All of that hard work paid off; Lear soon scored a string of disco hits from the mid-'70s into the '80s, which mainly grabbed chart favor in Europe. "Follow Me" was among them, and it became a #2 hit in the Netherlands and reached #3 in Belgium, West Germany, and South Africa. 

When the disco backlash set in during the early '80s, she persevered against the odds and continued to pursue a musical comeback, trying cabaret tunes and classic rock on for size. Amanda Lear has subsequently had art exhibitions and served as a runway model for fashion designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier. She's so popular in Italy and her native France that she spent much of the '80s and '90s as a television personality there, appearing in films as well. And she's still out there performing music and releasing new albums at the age of 83, with her most recent release being 2021's "Tuberose." You can follow her adventures on her official Instagram.