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Gold Rush's Tyler Mahoney Gets Why People Think Of Her As The Female Parker

"Gold Rush" focuses on several mining teams hoping to strike it big in the Yukon. The leaders of these teams get most of the attention, with the likes of Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets becoming household names. However, there's no such thing as a one-man crew, and all of them rely on the hard work and dedication of their workers to get gold out of dirt and into their pockets. 

Various crew members have come and gone over the years, and one of the most recent additions to Schnabel's team is Tyler Mahoney. She originally appeared on "Aussie Gold Hunters," coming from the land down under herself, before making the move to the more Americanized shows, like "Gold Rush" and "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail." She's been an invaluable member of Schnabel's team for years now, to the point where other members of the team have begun referring to her as the "female Parker." Turns out, she doesn't mind the nickname in the slightest.

Being the 'female Parker' is a 'huge compliment'

There was a lot of interest surrounding the relationship between Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney when they first appeared on "Gold Rush: Parker's Trailer" together. Schnabel had acquired some land to excavate in Australia, and seeing how Mahoney had a ton of experience with mining in that nation, she was brought on to lend a helping hand. Many fans wondered if the two would start dating, but that doesn't appear to be the case as of yet. The two seem to be just good friends, and Mahoney has no qualms over being compared to her co-worker. 

When doing a video for Discovery Australia, Mahoney was asked what she thought about her unofficial title. She laughs at first but then says, "Huge compliment; I'm not even just saying that. That is such a huge compliment. He is so intelligent, so driven, has accomplished so much at such a young age." And she's aware of the many similarities the two miners share, stating, "I think people say that because we obviously have a lot of interests, grew up doing the same thing, which is quite rare. But I think we're also both quite strong personalities."

Being out on a dig site with someone for an extended period of time demands being able to get along with pretty much everyone. As "Gold Rush" has shown time and time again, that doesn't always happen, so it's definitely a net positive for the group to have both Schnabel and Mahoney on the same page most of the time.