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Michael B. Jordan's Attention To One Particular Creed 3 Detail Surprised Tessa Thompson - Exclusive

Tessa Thompson has been a major part of the "Creed" franchise as Bianca, Adonis Creed's (Michael B. Jordan) neighbor-turned-spouse. She's an excellent, standout character with a rich arc over the trilogy that allows her to be far more than a love interest for the franchise's main character.  From 2015's "Creed" to Michael B. Jordan's directorial debut in "Creed 3," Thompson has also become close friends with Jordan, who himself has grown with the character.

In an exclusive interview with Looper, Thompson revealed the pride she has in watching her friend and co-star take on directorial duties for the first time. She learned a lot about his vision and leadership style in "Creed 3", and Thompson noted that he supported her contributions in shaping Bianca's "Creed 3" journey. She also revealed that he had detailed notes on an unexpected aspect of Bianca's character, something the franchise's other directors largely left to Thompson's discretion.

Jordan's directorial attention to detail is in fashion

For Tessa Thompson, it was a joy to support Michael B. Jordan as he stepped behind the camera as a director for the first time. Along with that, his transition into this role was smooth according to Thompson.

"It felt seamless because it has always felt like it's such a deep collaboration," Thompson said. As she noted, Jordan and her always had a constructive back-and-forth. "We're constantly, when we're doing the work, like, 'How is that doing? What do you think?'" This naturally made his directorial role a natural fit.

The "Creed 3" star also noted that she found it interesting to see what parts of the directorial process Jordan had a lot to say about. In this case, it was her character's fashion.

"I was so surprised [by] how much he cared about clothes," Thompson said. "I've always had so much agency with Bianca because previous directors [were] like, 'I don't know. Just wear whatever you think she would wear,' and [Jordan] was so focused on that in a way that was really fascinating." While this was different, Thompson appreciated discovering new things with Jordan as a director. 

"You think you know someone," Thompson said. "It's so nice to be surprised by someone that you love and know super well. I love seeing things be true about him that I suspected were, like that he's a really fantastic leader, and I love being surprised by the things that I didn't think that he would care so much about, [like] what shoes I wore." 

It's nice to discover new things about a friend, especially when the new things include a promising directorial career ahead of them. 

"Creed 3" is now in theaters.