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Giacomo Gianniotti's First Grey's Anatomy Surgery Was A Complete Disaster

Let's play a quick word association game, just for a moment. What are some words you think of when you think of the long-running medical series "Grey's Anatomy?" Probably words like "McDreamy," or "pretty doctors," or "bazooka in a guy's chest." One easy "Grey's"-adjacent word? "Disaster." Not in the way that you think, though.

Working at Grey Sloan Memorial History is definitely a dangerous undertaking for any physician. At any moment of any day, you could see an escaped lion roaming Seattle, rescue people from a sinkhole, almost drown after a ferryboat crash, or be attacked within the walls of the hospital by a madman grieving his wife who died there. Giacomo Gianniotti, whose character Dr. Andrew DeLuca ends up getting stabbed by a human trafficker and dying — see? We told you Grey Sloan is prone to disaster! — knows better than most how the words "disaster," "Grey's," and "anatomy" can go hand in hand. Again, not in the way that you think.

Giacomo Gianniotti isn't an amazing fake surgeon

During an interview with several different "Grey's" actors about their time on the medical drama, Gianniotti opened up about the very first on-screen surgery he ever performed... and how he totally botched it. 

"My first surgery was really funny because it went horribly," Giannotti admitted. "And I was just being yelled at by Linda [Klein], the medical supervisor. And, uh, I was so out of my depth."

Dr. DeLuca was a fine on-screen doctor most of the time, but apparently, his first attempt at pretending to do surgery was kind of bleak. Now, Dr. DeLuca is no more, which means Gianniotti is off the hook where on-screen medical procedures are concerned — although we have to imagine that he wouldn't have lasted long on the series in the first place if he hadn't improved his acting-like-you're-cutting-someone-open skills. 

Grey's Anatomy is currently in its nineteeth season, and it airs every Thursday on ABC at 9 P.M. EST.