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What Young Sheldon's Annie Potts Thinks About Working With Child Actors

Well, here we are. You opened an article promising to reveal the innermost thoughts of a Hollywood actress when it comes to child performers. You're probably pretty excited.

And you know what? Who can blame you? Maybe this is going to get super weird. Maybe Annie Potts, who appears regularly on the smash hit sitcom "Young Sheldon" as the beloved Meemaw to the eponymous gifted lad, has something bananas to say about working with young people. What if she made some off-the-cuff comment about how she's used to working with children because she grew up on a child farm, harvesting their eggs and wool for sustenance, warmth, and profit? That'd be pretty crazy, right? Or what if the "Ghostbusters" star flat-out hates kids and isn't afraid to say so? Now, that would be a story. "Beloved sitcom grandma thinks the only good kid is a quiet kid — forces young co-stars Iain Armitage and Raegan Revord to wait silently in the cellar between takes." That'd be some high-octane celebrity crazy time right there. It's not what happened, but that'd be nuts.

Annie Potts doesn't hate kids or whatever

We're sorry if this is disappointing.

As it turns out, when asked how she felt about working with children in an interview with Young Hollywood, Annie Potts had exactly the response you'd probably expect from a seasoned professional with a microphone in their face and a career that hinges on retaining public goodwill. "They're fabulous," she said of her young co-stars. "They are. They're sweet and funny and lovely and hilarious — and you know they certainly keep us on our toes!"

It's a swell sentiment and at least in part verifiable. The youthful stars of "Young Sheldon" have been giddy about sharing their pranks with interviewers in the past, like when Raegan Revord got all excited about hiding a demonic doll in the cars and purses of crew members. Yessir, it sure is nice to hear that Potts thinks so fondly of her young colleagues.

It would've been better if she said that they're awful, right?