Ice Road Truckers' Hugh Rowland Has A Good Reason For Not Watching The Show

Hugh Rowland may not be on "Ice Road Truckers" anymore, but that doesn't take away from the extended period of time that the lapsed star was a core part of the show's identity. For the first eight seasons of the reality show roughly spread across seven years, Rowland served as one of the lead truckers braving dangerously icy conditions for their job. Rowland had it worse than most, with his fingertips freezing off on "Ice Road Truckers" at one point, just as one example.

Despite being a part of "Ice Road Truckers" for so long, Rowland actually saw barely any of the show while he was one of its stars and has never kept up with it on a regular basis. That may come as a bit of a surprise to some fans, but the former trucker star actually has a logically sound reason for his decision not to watch the show in his free time.

It's retreading old ground for Rowland

In an interview posted to YouTube, Hugh Rowland revealed that he barely saw any of "Ice Road Truckers" while he was starring on the series. In fact, he's only seen three episodes in total, and they're all from special events when the show was just getting started. "I went down to New York and I think we did the premiere of the first season and the premiere of the second season," Rowland said. "I think I watched two episodes of the first season and then the first episode of the second season. Then, I never watched any more."

Rowland elaborated, noting that the show is popular among his friends and family, but his relationship with it is comparatively quite different. "All my kids and everybody watch it so they all ask me questions about it, like, 'What happened here? What happened here?'" the trucker said. "But, I mean, I was there, so I don't really need to watch it and I don't like watching myself on TV."

Even though Rowland is no longer appearing on "Ice Road Truckers," his streak of not watching the show is likely to continue. Rowland didn't exit the series on the best of terms, as his departure was precipitated by a messy lawsuit between Rowland and show producer Will Morrison following a dangerous car accident. As for where Rowland is today, he's much more focused on family life and his own business ventures.