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Deadpool Apologizes To David Beckham In New Sequel Teaser

Sure, Deadpool doesn't seem like the kind of anti-hero who would ever feel any real guilt, but it turns out that he totally is. 

A new teaser clip for the upcoming Deadpool 2 shows Ryan Reynolds' Merc with a Mouth profusely apologizing to David Beckham for joke he made at the famous soccer player's expense in the original Deadpool film. As the expectedly raunchy jab goes, "Looks are everything. You ever heard David Beckham speak? It's like he mouth-sexed a can of helium." 

Shown above, the 90-second video sees Deadpool texting Beckham and asking for forgiveness for the unsavory wisecrack, then rocking up to his home with an array of presents — from cookies and milk to a full mariachi band — to prove just how sorry he is. Though the superstar athlete ignores the red-and-black-clad vigilante multiple times, Beckham eventually gives in when Deadpool offers him tickets to the World Cup. 

The best bit in the clip actually comes from Beckham rather than the ever-snarky Deadpool, when he confuses why the anti-hero is apologizing in the first place. "What are you apologizing for anyway?" Beckham asks before admitting that he thought the excessive sorries were for some of Ryan Reynolds' less-than-great movies – Green Lantern, R.I.P.D., and Boltneck, just to name a few. 

This will likely be the last time we see Deadpool be anything but badass before Deadpool 2 launches on May 18.