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The American Pickers Client Who Boasts His Own 'Cabinet Of Curiosity'

With hundreds of episodes on the books, Mike Wolfe and his various "American Pickers" cohorts have seen and picked just about anything you can imagine. And if you call yourself a fan of the show, you know their search for rusty treasure has not only taken them to some out-of-the-way places, but also put them in contact with a few, shall we say, colorful clients. 

During the show's 10th season, that search took Wolfe and his longtime co-star Frank Fritz all the way to London, England. And once they set to picking their way across the pond, the duo discovered some truly unique artifacts worthy of a spot on the Antique Archeology showroom floor. They, of course, met a few unique characters along the way. And few were quite as particular as the scholarly-looking fellow they encountered who, as fate would have it, was also named Mike. Once Wolfe and Fritz worked their way into Mike's home, they found what the collector himself referred to as his own personal "cabinet of curiosities."

The London-based collector's home was a veritable museum of antique oddities

It is safe to say that Mike hardly undersold the state of his cabinet of curiosities. As his story goes, the lifelong collector apparently ran a museum of sorts for many years, and when the museum closed, most of the artifacts inside simply made their way home with him. Mike Wolfe notes the unruly state of the space when he enters the house, admitting he and Frank Fritz essentially had to squeeze in the front door before adding, "We get in the house, and it's packed." 

To see the segment is to understand Wolfe's assertion is a dramatic understatement. In fact, the boxes and pieces lining the walls are stacked so high, and unsteadily, one nearly topples over on the Pickers the moment they walk past. As Mike laughingly notes, catching boxes is "fairly normal procedure" in his home. And that home is indeed filled with all manner of odd artifacts, including a taxidermied hammerhead shark, numerous vases and kettles, and loads of bike-related antiquities. 

Seemingly overwhelmed by the man's home, the trio chart off to Mike's overflow storage space, which is a garage even more packed to the gills than his home. It's there that Wolfe spots the one item in the collection he deems worthy of an offer — a super rare British motorcycle he offers upwards of £‎25,000 for. That's roughly $30,000 U.S. dollars by today's conversion rates, making it one of the bigger offers the "American Pickers" have ever made. Mike very politely declines the offer, however, making that particular pick a bit of a bust for Wolfe and Fritz.