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Here's Where You Can Watch An Extended Version Of The Office's Parkour Scene

When fans think of "The Office," there are some classic lines that spring to mind. "That's what she said" has become a perennial favorite. Season 4's "Fun Run" has this classic Michael Scott (Steve Carell) bit of insight: "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious." And, of course, there are those who can't jump off a couch or wall without yelling, "Parkour!" 

The Season 6 premiere episode, "Gossip," is a classic when it comes to "Office" openers. The very first scene sees Michael, Dwight (Rainn Wilson), and Andy (Ed Helms) jumping on the parkour bandwagon a few years too late. And to be fair, they don't even necessarily do good parkour as they just kind of jump around furniture around Dunder Mifflin while yelling "Parkour" for everyone to hear. 

It's one of the more iconic cold opens, right up there with Kevin spilling chili all over the floor. And it turns out there's more to the scene for fans to enjoy if you know where to look.

Peacock's Superfan Episodes have even more parkour shenanigans

Ever since "The Office" came on Peacock, the official hub of any NBC series, the streaming platform has offered what's known as "Superfan Episodes." You can either watch the episode as it aired on cable or check out some deleted scenes in the extended cuts. These "Superfan Episodes" for Season 6 dropped on February 1 on the platform, meaning you could see even more of "Gossip," including the opening parkour scene. 

The longer version of the cold open has a few more bits of Michael, Dwight, and Andy jumping off of furniture. They barrel into the elevator doors and spring off of walls. Andy somehow gets his hands on a giant tire, which he then tries to ride. And after a brief breather in the break room, they continue their parkouring, much to the dismay of Stanley (Leslie David Baker).

Such scenes are found throughout the Season 6 "Superfan Episodes," as well as all of the previous seasons. It's mandatory viewing for any die-hard "Office" fan with so many new jokes it's like watching the series for the very first time.