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Who Voiced Roxanne In A Goofy Movie?

When it comes to people's favorite Disney movies, there's no shortage of answers that are correct. But for a select group of fans, Disney reached perfection in 1995 when it dropped the masterpiece known as "A Goofy Movie" onto audiences. It just took a little while for everyone to catch on. 

The film grossed around $35 million in theaters off of a budget of $18 million. It didn't even necessarily get amazing reviews when it first came out. However, as time went on, audiences began appreciating the movie more and more, elevating it to the status of a cult favorite. Today, you can find people dancing along to Powerline's songs on TikTok, and "Atlanta" even did an entire episode mockumentary-style on the making of "A Goofy Movie."

The story of Goofy going on a road trip with his son, Max, as they navigate tricky father-son territory, all while Max wants to go to a Powerline concert to impress his crush, Roxanne, has resonated with many viewers over the years. And Roxanne has remained many people's childhood crush. But do you know who provided the voice of Roxanne?

Kellie Martin voiced Roxanne in A Goofy Movie

Kellie Martin has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, providing an eclectic array of voiceover and live-action performances. Prior to lending her voice as Roxanne in "A Goofy Movie," she was already well-acquainted with animation, having voiced Daphne Blake in "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" and Molly Tazmanian Devil in "Taz-Mania." She's stayed busy since her time working on "A Goofy Movie," appearing in dozens of projects.

While she had a lucrative acting career in the 1990s, she also attended Yale during the back half of the decade, telling The Washington Post at the time, "I worked really, really hard, and my tutor was really great and she knew I wanted to go here and she pushed me." She graduated in 2001 with a degree in art history. She married Keith Christian in 1999, and the couple has two daughters together. 

Acting isn't Martin's only professional endeavor. She also purchased a toy company she now owns and operates, and she told TIME, "I love finding great toys and having people want to come back. I have a customer who ordered three times in one month. I love that!" Martin is a multi-hyphenate professional, but to a generation of fans, she'll always be Roxanne.