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Who Played Heather Crowley On CSI: Miami?

In most cases, the babysitter rarely makes it to the credits when featured in shows and movies, but that wasn't the case in a Season 5 entry of "CSI: Miami." Heather Crowley most assuredly shocked audiences when she appeared in the crime-solving procedural, and certain fans might like to know who portrayed the suspected persona.

When the parents of Heather Crowley, a teenage babysitter, are found dead next door to where she works, she is initially just a potential witness. Still, as the case progresses, and after lying about being alone that night, it is revealed that her boyfriend, Zack Griffith (Jeremy Sumpter), is involved. He admits to hitting Heather's dad Edward Crowley (Brad Bartram), with his motorcycle helmet during a confrontation that led to his demise. But the father wasn't upset that he was intimate with his daughter. He was angry because her daughter's boyfriend was sleeping with his wife. Heather finds out and murders her mother, Linda Crowley (Larisa Miller), soon after. Love does crazy things to people, and there is no denying this family affair did not have a happy ending.

While there is no shortage of cringe-worthy crimes committed throughout the many years the show was on the air, but the too-close-for-comfort love connections in Episode 16 of Season 5 were an ordeal some fans will probably soon not forget. After the show ended, the cast of "CSI: Miami" went on to do various projects, and so did the actress that played Heather Crowley.

Leighton Meester played the killer babysitter on CSI: Miami

Leighton Meester played Heather Crowley in "Broken Home," but that is far from the only credit she has. While she has made notable appearances on several series' like "Making History," "How I Met Your Father," and "The Orville," Meester has headlined projects like Single Parents and the CW hit "Gossip Girl." She has also starred in movies like "Country Strong," "The Roommate," "That's My Boy," and "The Weekend Away."

Out of everything Meester has embarked upon, one particular role has been the most memorable endeavor she has ever experienced in her career. "Curley's wife in 'Of Mice and Men' [on Broadway]. I did that in 2014, and it's really stuck with me, and I think it always will. It was such a challenge," the actress said in an interview with Backstage.com. "Every night, I would end up feeling so low, and I would think about this woman and how it must have been for someone like her. It's such a sad existence, and I felt what she did was out of being lonely and misunderstood and pushed away and not having somebody to talk to. I tend to think about her a lot." Her passion for performing and dedication to her craft has allowed her to excel in many ways since her time dealing with crime scene investigators.

"CSI: Miami" may get some things wrong about the crime lab, but the show rarely disappoints when it comes to guest star selection, and many fans of the series would probably agree that Meester's brief but memorable run as Heather Crowley should be in consideration to be a candidate for such an honor.