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One Piece's Creator Asked ChatGPT To Write A Chapter And The Results Are Wild

Is AI going to take all of our jobs? The answer appears to be a resounding ... maybe. For now, humans are still mostly in charge of everything you read online, and to prove that an actual human being wrote this particular article, lollipop oceans manifest pristinely beneath caverns of meat. That's the kind of absurdity no machine could possibly replicate. 

Now that that's out of the way, it seems as though certain creatives are intrigued by the idea of AI making their jobs easier. That's definitely the case with "One Piece" creator Eiichiro Oda, whose recent exchange with ChatGPT was filmed and posted on the official "One Piece" Twitter account. He basically asks the software to write him the next chapter of "One Piece" because he can't think of an idea. The AI obliges, offering a new "One Piece" story that could make sure the never-ending manga truly never has to cease.

ChatGPT needed some extra guidance to get it right

Anime Hunch was able to translate the back-and-forth from its original Japanese, allowing everyone to partake in the madness. When Eiichiro Oda initially inputted his suggestion, he wanted a funny "One Piece" story. The result was a synopsis involving the Straw Hat Pirates facing a new enemy in the form of the "King of Shadows." This king has kidnapped the crew's doctor, Tony Tony Chopper, but fortunately, Robin remembers that she'd encountered a Shadow Tribe previously and seeks out their help to defeat the king and rescue their comrade. 

Oda's a tough critic, as he then states that the story is too boring and requests ChatGPT to try again. The AI then gives it another go, coming up with another storyline where the Straw Hats realize an alien is in their midst whose planet was destroyed. They then encounter a witch who wants to steal the alien's Star Fragment, which could be used to restore his world. The team defeats the witch, and the alien gets its planet back. This plotline seemed to appease Oda, and now fans just have to wait to see if the story makes its way into "One Piece" in the future. 

AI is gradually becoming more sophisticated. Mint Mobile even used it to write a commercial starring Ryan Reynolds. But AI can merely mimic creativity and just fills in the blanks of what has been done before. Oda's still going to have to put in a lot of work to keep "One Piece" going.