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Mandalorian S3 Director Hopes The Finale Has Fans Screaming At The TV

If you're a fan of "The Mandalorian," you should probably prepare yourself for a crash landing when the new season comes to a close. Spoilers for the season 3 premiere of "The Mandalorian" ahead!

In the first episode of the new season, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), now reunited with Grogu, returns to his home and saves a group of Mandalorians — and one new pledge — from being attacked by some sort of enormous, monstrous sea turtle, but still, the Armorer won't accept him back after he removed his helmet in the previous season. Telling the Armorer that he'll prove that the waters underneath the legendary mines of Mandalore, however, gets him back into the fold... kind of, and it sure seems like this quest will set up a full-season arc for Din and, by extension, young Grogu.

Speaking with Collider before the season premiered, executive producer and director Rick Famiyuwa revealed what it was like to helm this season... and how the eventual finale might drive fans crazy. Here's what Famiyuwa had to say about how season 3 of "The Mandalorian" might go.

Rick Famiyuwa wants a huge fan reaction for the Mandalorian S3 finale

As Famiyuwa tells Collider, "The Mandalorian" is a larger story that's been building since it premieres, which makes sense, considering that its narrative literally interrupted an entirely different "Star Wars" show. "The Mandalorian" brought back Boba Fett (Temeura Morrison) during its second season, and then during the first season of Morrison's standalone series "The Book of Boba Fett," an entire episode was devoted to Grogu and Din's reunion after the former left to study under Jedi master Luke Skywaler.

So what does Famiyuwa have to say about where this larger story could end up? "...I do think there's something, at least for me, that feels like we've reached a kind of a chapter, and we're ending a chapter in the storytelling by the end of Season 3 that's been built since we first met these two characters, the first season," he revealed. "So I do think it's a little bit more of that, even though, yeah, I hope you're still screaming at the TV about where we're going next."

There's still time to emotionally prepare for whatever happens during "The Mandalorian" season 3, which airs every Wednesday on Disney+.