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Boruto's Amanda C. Miller Was Told She Had A Future In Anime After A Workshop

It's funny how a career path can be completely altered by a chance meeting or some profound words of advice. Just one comment can spark somebody's ambitions and change the course of the rest of their life. For voice actor Amanda C. Miller, a decision to attend an anime workshop ended up pushing her toward the successful career that she still enjoys to this day.

During an interview with Inside Monthly, Miller explained how she got her start in voice acting, first taking an intern gig at a Voiceover Studio in Los Angeles, simply to learn more about the business firsthand. It was there that she got her first taste of recording her voice. "I was just getting them coffee and doing all the boring stuff, but they knew I was an actor, and they would throw me a bone and let me come in and do background voices," she said. Those one-liners grew to much more dialogue as Miller started booking larger roles after that.

But Miller would have never gone to Los Angeles, never started down the path of anime, if she didn't first have a fateful meeting in college.

One moment of advice changed everything

In the same interview, Amanda C. Miller reflected on her voice acting career and the exact moment it all started. When the actor was a theater major at the University of Maryland, a voiceover actor/instructor, Tony Oliver, hosted a workshop for aspiring anime performers. Despite only signing up for the class simply for fun, Oliver singled Miller out. "He pulled me aside and said, 'Hey, you got future in this business kid.' It felt VERY very Hollywood!"

This one moment of encouragement changed Miller's plan of moving to New York to actually head to Los Angeles. As fans know, these steps eventually led her to score the role of Boruto Uzumaki in 182 episodes for the English-dubbed version of "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations." The anime series follows Miller's lead character, Boruto, who aims to be a great ninja like his father. The series is another line on Miller's ever-growing list of credits, as she continues to score more voiceover parts.

Most recently, Miller can be heard as Jo in Netflix's "Kid Cosmic" series. As she pushes forward in her career, it's amazing to think how different her life may have been if she had not taken that one college workshop. However, even though she took her instructor's evaluation to heart, Miller still believes in following your own instincts. "Having a strong core sense of self and not relying on what other people think is huge," she said. "You're so much freer."