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Family Guy's Mila Kunis Wants To See More Loud And Proud Meg Fans

Meg Griffin gets the short end of the stick on "Family Guy." Peter gets to have wacky adventures. Lois provides the voice of reason. Stewie and Brian get to travel the multiverse. And Chris does ... things that are perfectly normal for a teenage boy to do. But more often than not, Meg is the butt of a joke. Her family both verbally and physically abuses her, and she's expected to simply take it. She's lashed out at her assailants, but everything typically reverts to the status quo by the end of the episode. 

As such, it's a bit of a letdown that there aren't as many Meg-centric episodes as there are with Peter or Stewie. She's usually in the background, only rising to the surface to make a joke at her expense, and promptly fades back. She doesn't get as many chances to shine as her contemporaries, so there likely aren't as many Meg fans out there as there should be. However, Mila Kunis, who voices Meg on the show, thinks that should change, believing Meg is due more than most viewers likely give her. 

Mila Kunis doesn't want Meg to be a low-key favorite

Late last year, "Family Guy" celebrated its 400th episode. It's a monumental milestone, so The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the cast to look back fondly on their journey thus far, including Mila Kunis, who has the unique distinction of not being with the show from the very start. Lacey Chabert actually voiced Meg initially in the show's run but dropped out because life simply got too busy. That's where Mila Kunis came into play and has voiced Meg ever since. 

When speaking with THR, the interview mentions how Meg is low-key their favorite character on the show. Kunis took the low-key comment and ran with it, stating, "Listen, let's not make it 'low-key.' What's the cool kid saying? 'No cap.' Let's just be all loud about it. I f***ing love Meg. I'm so bummed that she gets the short end of the stick and all that, but she's all of us." Not sure how Meg can be all of us when Jamie Lee Curtis is also all of us, but it's a nice sentiment. 

With "Family Guy" renewed for a 21st and 22nd season, Mila Kunis will get plenty more opportunities to flesh out Meg's character and make more people fall in love with her.