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Some South Park Fans Skip Over Certain Episodes (Including Mr. Hankey's)

It's fairly obvious that when a show like "South Park" has been around for 30 seasons and counting, its longevity wasn't achieved by putting out subpar content. Many fans will agree that the series, even after all this time, is still above and beyond the quality of other adult animated shows that have come and gone. Of course, with so many episodes, there's bound to be a dud here and there. Like fans of any long-running popular series, some enjoy going back to re-watch classic episodes. However, with the knowledge of the entire South Park catalog, many dedicated viewers have specific ones that they have no problem with skipping. To them, these installments represent a rare failure by the "South Park" creators.

Like many other multiple-season series, live-action or animated, there will always be some level of growth and evolution for the characters and plot lines. "South Park" is no exception, as fans have seen this group of colorful fourth-graders, living in South Park, Colorado, tackle issues such as alien abductions, school crushes, and pet sexuality. As time went on, the show's content leaned further towards current event commentary and more sophisticated storylines. This may be why it's so enjoyable to look back at earlier episodes, as many felt less connected to our everyday lives. However, with so many to choose from, fans have their own personal opinions on which of these episodes are better off skipping, leaving time for the ones with more quality.

Plenty of South Park fans could do without a Christmas Poo

It's no surprise that "South Park" fans each have their own least favorite episodes, and when looking at discussions online about the subject, there are several choices that many viewers agree on. "[Jakovosaurs] is the only one off the top of my head that I skip," said Reddit user u/bmrvkia in regards to a Season 3 episode that featured an odd duck-like creature. U/Dfabulous_234 was okay never seeing a parody of a certain campy horror movie again by commenting, "The human centipede thing. I hate that scene." But, if there was specific "South Park" content that the majority of fans seem to agree with disliking, it would be all episodes involving the character Mr. Hankey (Trey Parker). The character first appeared in a Season 1 episode, then popped up every now and then in future seasons. 

For those who don't know, Mr. Hankey is a living, talking piece of human feces that wears a Santa Claus costume. As shocking and hilarious as the character may have been when he first appeared, his appeal did not age well. "For me is most of the Mr. Hankey episodes," commented u/a7medlw. "I just don't like the character honestly." U/JerryKook knows those episodes are not welcome in their home, explaining, "My wife hates Mr Hankey. As soon as she sees him she says change the channel." However, not everyone shares the same viewpoint. Over on YouTube, @whtxombi4955 gave Mr. Hankey some props with, "This was the longest and hardest I have ever laughed."