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Gold Rush Fans Have Some Thoughts About Fred After S13 Episode 21

Discovery reality show "Gold Rush" makes a point of spotlighting the varied kinds of work that go into successful gold mining operations, from engineering to ensuring employees' safety. Of course, all of the work on each of its featured dig sites typically falls under the purview of a singular mine boss, and it's these mine bosses that serve as the show's principal personalities. Starting on Season 10 in 2020, Fred Lewis becomes one of the main mining leads on "Gold Rush," and he has retained this role through Season 13.

It's worth noting that Lewis has proven himself to be a competent miner. In fact, prior to "Gold Rush," Lewis once earned $12,000 from one day's gold haul. That said, Lewis' time as a "Gold Rush" cast member is somewhat controversial among fans of the show, as some have criticized his leadership style and his propensity to reference his military background in equal measure. "Gold Rush" viewers haven't had faith in Lewis during Season 13 in particular, with his critics finding the issues they've identified to be recurring.

This line of thinking came to a head amidst discussion of "Gold Rush" Season 13, Episode 21, during which Lewis' detractors pointed out various ways they found one particular decision of his to be ineffectual.

Fans of Gold Rush criticized Fred's decision to lower his target for the season

In the wake of "Gold Rush" Season 13, Episode 21's premiere on Discovery, the most-upvoted comment in a Reddit discussion thread about the episode, by user Leather-Cod-7397, is critical of Fred Lewis. "Lol at Fred lowering the season gold target as if that's going to help them mine more gold," they said, referencing a decision Lewis makes during the episode to aim for a lower haul than initially planned for Season 13.

In response, a number of users concurred with this characterization of Lewis' behavior. For instance, user Live8020 abstracted Lewis' recalibration of his goal to a general business environment, and argued that such a decision would mean major consequences in such a scenario. Similarly user Gummies1345 wrote, "I bet, if they even make that goal, they will be cheering about making their goal for the season. When we all know, it was 300 oz less than they claimed, they would get."

User Economy_Mechanic8327 likewise argued that the notion of defining success by moving the goalpost midway into his operation is somehow intrinsic to Lewis' style of leadership. Twitter user @luispalminha even wondered aloud how Lewis will survive Season 13. With faith in Lewis so low, then, how his storyline progresses—good or bad—may well remain a talking point among fans as Season 13 continues.