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Gold Rush Fans Don't Have Faith In Fred For Season 13

Although gold miner Fred Lewis has only been a part of Discovery's "Gold Rush" since 2019 (when he joined the cast of "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail" as a special forces medic), it's possible that he has already received more backlash and criticism than any other cast member in the show's history.

Since becoming a series regular at the start of "Gold Rush" Season 11, Fred Lewis has suffered an enormous amount of hatred from fans online. Many fans claim that they actually skip through all of his scenes and are fed up with his role in "Gold Rush." Indeed, "Gold Rush" fans have held nothing back toward Fred Lewis: condemning his work ethic, questioning his intelligence, and even posting some particularly disgusting insults about Lewis' son.

Lewis himself is fully aware of the vitriol being spewed about him online, as a behind-the-scenes clip posted to Twitter saw the "Gold Rush" star laughing and reading some of the most brutal insults he's received. Unfortunately, the arrival of "Gold Rush" Season 13 has brought forth a new wave of criticism directed at Fred Lewis — as many fans online are convinced that his gold mining operation is doomed.

Fans think that Fred's mining season is off to a horrific start

Fans on Reddit have not been shy about criticizing Fred Lewis' mining operation, with many saying they have no faith in him whatsoever as a gold miner or leader. "I wanted to believe again Fred was running a real operation this time around," wrote u/mudpupper. "But he isn't mining after 4 weeks, didn't have a plant yet, and couldn't figure out how to cut a road through some snow." U/fish_in_a_barrels was quick to chime in and echoed, "Yep. Fred's horse **** operation is as fake as a kartrashian."

On top of these insinuations that Fred isn't even running a real mining operation, other users directed their insults at his lack of leadership and poorly managed operation. U/Canaye criticized Fred's lack of grace while handling his excavators and claimed, "He can't operate and can't lead his team." U/itchy-and-scratchy scathingly insulted Fred's intelligence due to a fiasco with his mine's wash plant.

Through the first four episodes of "Gold Rush" Season 13, the general consensus amongst fans on Reddit is that Fred Lewis' season is off to a horrific start: as he has had issues with his excavators, his wash plant, and the ice that has plagued his mining site. Although he has the entire rest of the mining season to pick things up, it's clear that the fan backlash toward Fred isn't going away any time soon — as that hatred appears to be finding new strength.