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1923 Fans Won't Stop Asking Michelle Randolph To Reveal The Dutton Family Tree

"Yellowstone" fans have now seen the finale of the prequel series "1923" starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, and they're now left hanging at a particularly dark period for the Dutton family. It includes what some are calling one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the whole "Yellowstone" saga, as young Elizabeth Dutton (Michelle Randolph) loses her baby with husband Jack (Darren Mann) — a development that still leaves fans in the dark about how exactly her character fits into the Dutton family tree as they know it.

According to Randolph, that's one thing that fans are often sure to ask her about, even though she herself doesn't know for sure. Presumably, the family ties will be clarified in future "Yellowstone" projects, but for now, Randolph says that even within the cast of "1923" there have been conversations about the precise chain of Dutton lineage. And some fans don't seem to be able to believe that she doesn't know the answer.

Randolph has her 'own suspicions' about how her character relates to the characters of Yellowstone

In an interview with Deadline on the subject of the "1923" finale, Michelle Randolph was asked about where she and Jack (Darren Mann) fit into the Dutton lineage. "I have not been told anything. I have my own suspicions, but nothing has been confirmed and it's definitely something we go back and forth on as a cast," she answered. She also added that the topic has been subject to plenty of speculation on the internet: "Random people have like sent me things online about people arguing over who it would make sense for me to be ... the grandmother of Kevin Costner? So I don't know, but I definitely hope it's Jack and me because that would be fun."

Randolph was also asked about her interactions with "Yellowstone" fans, and again the topic of the Dutton family tree was raised. "They want to know about the family tree," she says. "My family is convinced that I know and that I'm just secretly not telling them for some reason. I'm like, 'I would tell you guys if I knew. I swear.'"

For now, the only person who knows the intricacies of the Dutton family tree is series auteur Taylor Sheridan himself. And you can be certain he will reveal it in the most dramatic way possible, within some future "Yellowstone" project.