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1923 Finale Theory: Alex's Seasickness Could Be A Sign Of Something Else

The "1923" finale was as dramatic as most viewers expected, but the Dutton family tree is used to dealing with perilous ordeals. However, while Season 1 boasted plenty of memorable moments, the Spencer and Alex cliffhanger is the main talking point. The episode saw the lovers separated in Europe and, for the time being, it's unknown when and how they'll be reunited.

After spending most of the season overcoming threats such as lions and the sea, the finale saw Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) thrown off a ship while Alex (Julia Schlarpfer) was detained. Season 2 of "1923" will most likely follow them as they try to find each other and get back to Montana, and there will definitely be more hurdles for them along the way. Furthermore, Alex displayed some sickness symptoms during the finale, and that has led to some interesting speculation among the show's base. While the sickness could just have been a reaction to traveling on a boat, it's also possible that Alex is about to welcome someone into the world.

Alex might be pregnant

"1923" is all about family, so it isn't far-fetched to suggest that Alex is pregnant. This view is shared by some fans on Reddit, who converged on the forum to speculate about where the storyline is heading. "It did not escape my notice that Alex wasn't feeling well on the ship but she and Spencer attributed it to seasickness," u/BluePosey wrote. "I suspect that when Alex shows up at the ranch in the Spring she'll be pregnant."

This view was also echoed by u/annieb_45, who spotted another pregnancy tease during Season 1. "Alex is pregnant right? The sickness (although I know it could be from the sea, and her nod to starting a family with Jennifer)." Was this the show's way of telling fans what they can expect to see in the near future?

It remains to be seen if Alex is actually pregnant, but it's certainly given viewers another reason to look forward to Season 2 of the "Yellowstone" prequel series.