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1923 Fans Aren't Worried For Spencer And Alex Despite The Cliffhanger Ending

This article contains spoilers.

"1923" certainly isn't short on drama. The "Yellowstone" prequel follows the Dutton family as they contend with the problems of early 20th-century America, bringing them into conflict with some dangerous people along the way. However, the series chronicles other adventures that take place beyond the scenic pastures of Montana. 

Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) and Alex (Julia Schlaepfer) meet and fall in love early on in Season 1, but their love story isn't one of those feel-good romances. The couple is forced to contend with lions, the sea, and other threats — and if Season 1's finale is anything to go by, their problems are about to get a whole lot worse.

The final episode of "1923" Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger, with the lovers forcefully separated in Europe. Spencer is removed from a ship that they took to find their way back home, while Alex finds herself detained. It remains to be seen when and how they'll be reunited, but fans aren't worried about them being apart for too long.

1923 fans know where Spencer and Alex's story is heading

"1923" viewers know that Spencer and Alex will make it to Montana eventually, but some of them are fed up with the length of time that this particular subplot is taking. The couple's journey has seen them travel all over the place, but some viewers want to see them return to America and be done with their international adventures.

Reddit user u/jsm questioned some of the travel decisions the couple has made so far and speculated about where it's all going in Season 2. "So now I suppose Spencer will make it to Yellowstone ahead of Alex, and we'll get to watch Alex most of season two trying to find her way there! I sure hope that last guess is wrong, but I'm a little upset about this silly contrived ending," they wrote about the finale. Fellow Redditor @annieb_45 also had some ideas about where their story is heading. "For some reason I see them reuniting in Europe after Arthur's father sees her crying on the boat. Their story is too rich already with them as a pair I don't see Alex disappearing until the end of season 2."

Elsewhere, u/raven8549 said that they expected Spencer and Alex to experience a setback in the final episode as their relationship is synonymous with such scenarios. "Them being together might be true love but it's also causing more trouble everywhere they go. I'm betting she will get to Montana before him just a hunch."