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How M3GAN's Unrated Cut On Peacock Differs From The Theatrical Version

On January 6, a new horror icon was born when "M3GAN" came out in theaters. Fans instantly became obsessed with the murderous doll with artificial intelligence and her awesome dance skills. But even before the movie came out, there were murmurs of how M3GAN could have been even more intense in the film if they allowed her to go all the way with some of her kills.

The theatrical release of "M3GAN" was rated PG-13, which actually made it more disturbing. Oftentimes, the camera would cut away from M3GAN's victims before the kill became downright brutal, and there's only one F-bomb featured throughout the film. But for anyone who wants to see how intense M3GAN could've been, you're in luck. 

"M3GAN" just dropped on Peacock, and there are two versions you can watch. Naturally, you can check out the theatrical release, but there's also an uncut R-rated version that gives horror fans precisely what they've been clamoring for. Here's what to expect if you opt to play the latter. 

More gore and more language

It's probably a good reason "M3GAN" was PG-13 in theaters. The horror flick was a huge success, grossing over $170 million at the global box office, which isn't bad off of a budget of only $12 million. No doubt, part of that can be attributed to the fact teens could easily buy a ticket to see it, but now that a sequel has been confirmed, it's time to see what M3GAN is really capable of. 

First, there's a lot more naughty language in the uncut version. The theatrical cut has one use of the F-word, while the R-rated version has a total of eight. Most of those go to the opportunistic David (Ronny Chieng), but M3GAN also gets one during the movie's climax. As you watch the uncut version, you'll also notice that the death scenes are far bloodier. For example, the scene where M3GAN rips off Brandon's (Jack Cassidy) ear gets lingered on, really allowing the viewer to take in the mutilation. There are some other more intense death scenes, but you can experience those in all their gory glory on your own. 

This is a big win for horror fans who want to indulge in M3GAN's mayhem even more intensely. In addition to "M3GAN" now streaming on Peacock, you can also own it via Blu-ray and DVD, where you can check out the unrated version as well.