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M3GAN's Potential Sequel Is A Gold Mine Of Tremendous Titles

As we've said before, "M3GAN's" title isn't just highly marketable 1337-speak — it's the secret to the film's box office success. "M3GAN" opened last week to a staggering $30 million haul (per Variety), which is surely entirely the result of its title and not the stellar marketing campaign, positive word-of-mouth, the enduring dominance of mid-to-low-budget horror films, or the strength of its concept.

Regardless, a combination of its critical and commercial reception and the director's interest made a sequel inevitable — and, as Deadline recently reported, one is already in the works. While some are excited about the chance to see what happens next in this bizarrely arresting story, many just want the creative team to lean into the original's unusual title scheme.

While any alterations will likely have to be explained in the context of the film's lore (M3GAN is actually an acronym for Model 3 Generative ANdroid), some of these ideas are just too great to pass up.

Fans — us included — had a field day coming up with titles

On the r/movies subreddit, a user shared the news of the reportedly in-development "M3GAN" sequel, causing fans to react with their most creative and hilariously unhinged pitches for the title. Redditor u/grafxguy1 simply wrote "M3AGAIN." It's a little clunky with both the "3" and the "A," sure, but "M3GAIN" reads a bit like a film about M3GAN hitting the weight room with a steroid stack to get monstrously ripped. Wait, hold on ... that actually sounds amazing.

Of course, the clearest option would be to invite "Avatar" director James Cameron to helm "M3GAN5" — or, as u/SparkG wrote, "M3GAN$." It has been long rumored — and recently confirmed by the director himself — that Cameron pitched his "Alien" sequel by writing the original title on a piece of paper, adding an "S" to the end, and turning that "S" into a dollar sign. The same strategy would likely work just as well with "M3GAN."

Many (including our news staff) had a field day slowly replacing the entire name with numbers as each hypothetical sequel came into view. "M3GAN" would be followed by "M3G4N," which would itself be followed by "James Cameron's 'M3G4N5'" (she fights a whale or is a whale or something), and then, finally, "M364N5" — which is just delightfully unintelligible. We even kicked around high-concept ideas like "73GAN: M3GAN's Sister" or "M3GAN Vs. J4SON." However, arguably the best pitch overall for the ultimate sequel title has to go to "M3GAN TAKES |/|@NHATT3N."