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If Your Theater Is Showing Crazy Bear, Rest Assured It's Cocaine Bear

"Cocaine Bear" is finally showing in theaters, and it looks to be a fun, wild time for all planning to see the movie, if reviews are any indication. However, some people who show up to see the movie in theaters might be surprised to see not "Cocaine Bear" but "Crazy Bear" as the title.

No, this isn't a knockoff of the original, or an entirely different movie about a bear that's just a little crazy instead of having done drugs. This is still the same movie about the real-life story of a bear that did cocaine and all the hijinks that ensued. It just goes by a different title.

But why the difference? If it's the same movie with all the same crazy scenes, why is it called "Cocaine Bear" in some places and called "Crazy Bear" elsewhere? Here is our best guess as to why there's a difference in the title, even if the content should be exactly the same.

The title change is likely a regional difference made for censorship reasons

Although there's no official word on why the movie is called "Crazy Bear" in some places, nor a comprehensive list of every place where the change was made, it appears that countries in the Middle East that are showing the movie, as well as France, are calling it "Crazy Bear" instead of "Cocaine Bear."

So why the change? Again, there's no official word, but if we had to guess, we'd say it's likely because of the inappropriateness of the word "cocaine" being offensive to some people, with it being an illegal drug and all. After all, you have to pay to see the content of the rated-R movie, but the title is there for all, including children, to see. Thus, it appears that people in other countries changed the title to "Crazy Bear" to take out the reference to drugs.

"Cocaine Bear," or "Crazy Bear," is currently showing exclusively in theaters.