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Fans Think The True Crime In The Boston Strangler Is Keira Knightley's Accent

Film history is littered with actors that have tried on an accent and failed miserably. Not so much as being ever so far off the area they're supposed to be from but rather coming from a different country entirely in their delivery. It makes for a massively jarring watch and something that audiences can spot as early as a trailer glimpse. Now audiences have caught a glimpse of potential future offender Kiera Knightley in "Boston Stranger."

Directed by Matt Ruskin and set to arrive on Hulu, the film tells the true story of the infamous serial killer from the 1960s and the crucial part two journalists played in covering the murders to make the public aware. Of course, factoring in the titular location, you'd hope that all the names involved could nail that Boston twang, as so effortlessly displayed by the likes of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and that Hyundai ad with Captain America trying to "smaht pahk." Sadly, audiences have been quick to comment on Knigtley's accent, not simply for its Americanization, but because she's daring to break from her iconic Englishness altogether.

Fans are jarred by Kiera Knightley's effort at an American accent

Following the release of the trailer, it didn't take long for viewers to pick up on Knightley's noble effort on the accent of real-life journalist Loretta McLaughlin, who put together the relevant dots to help profile the infamous murderer. However, rather than push the boat out and an "ahk" in half her dictionary, Knightley has instead opted for the basic American accent, which for many is more than enough to have turned their world upside down. @Duneho said, "Keira knightley sounds soooo different with an American accent omg," whereas @Fancypantscity added, "Oh, it's weird hearing Kiera Knigthtley with that accent."

Joining her in the film is "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" star Carrie Coon as Jean Cole, who aided McLaughlin in her story. While her screen time in the trailer isn't as prominent as Knightley, she's a greater draw than the accent some have already deemed a criminal offense. "Will be watching for loml Carrie Coon," promised @weiszpresident, "but making Keira Knightley do a Boston accent is a crime." As for the most brutal take, @CaitlinScotland deduced, "Pretty sure the only thing getting strangled is Keira Knightley's American accent." Judge for yourself when Hulu releases "Boston Strangler" on March 17.