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Fans Love To Watch The Unexpected Duo Of Missy And Meemaw On Young Sheldon

Sometimes the best comedy pairings are the ones that are the most unexpected. So it goes with Missy Cooper (Raegan Revord) and her meemaw, Connie Tucker (Annie Potts), who light up the screen whenever they have a storyline together on "Young Sheldon." Missy is much less of a straight arrow than her very proper twin brother, Sheldon (Iain Armitage), but she's not quite as apt as her rule-breaking older brother, Georgie (Montana Jordan), to take a more mischievous look at life.  A middle child in many ways, she's both rebellious and looking for popularity.

With that in mind, her relationship with the sardonic, driven Meemaw makes a lot of sense. Meemaw continues to be a calming figure in Missy's life as her parents' marriage falls apart. Her wild card ways have given Missy a role model to look up to while also throwing light on life's pitfalls.

Viewers have always had an affinity for both characters, but Season 6, Episode 9, "College Dropouts and the Medford Miracle," in which Meemaw finds herself third-wheeling a date between Missy and her crush, Dean (Travis Burnett), pairs the two together in a way that points up their unexpected greatness as a duo. While "Young Sheldon" fans are in agreement over Missy's cringeworthy date in this episode, they also can't seem to get enough of Missy and Meemaw's scenes together, and they've been expressing their enjoyment of them all over the Internet.

Fans are having a lot of fun with Missy and Meemaw's interconnectedness

Fans have a lot to say about how great Missy, Meemaw, and their relationship are, whether they're posting on Twitter or in the "Young Sheldon" subreddit.

@vidthekid has adored the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter since as far back as Season 1. @crybabythvg went so far as to say that Missy and Meemaw carry the show all by themselves. One fan on Twitter echoed similar sentiments, saying that as Sheldon grows older, the prequel should rely more on Missy and Meemaw's relationship.And to quote @Friedensgottin, "My favourite characters on Young Sheldon... 1. Meemaw 2. Missy 3. Everyone else." 

On a Reddit thread praising Meemaw as the show's best character, u/dragonsrawesomesauce observed, "When you consider that Missy is really a mini-Meemaw, it's really a tie." In another Reddit thread on the "Young Sheldon" fan subreddit, user u/Additional_Breath651 described Missy and Meemaw as the "fun ones" on the show. While "Young Sheldon" is filled to the brim with a lovable roster of characters, it's clear that Missy and Meemaw are an inseparable duo who make the prequel series truly special. 

The Missy and Meemaw actors hold mutual admiration for one another

It turns out that Missy and Meemaw's strong camaraderie stems in part from the happy real-life working relationship between Raegan Revord and Annie Potts. In a 2019 Instagram post celebrating Potts' birthday, Revord praised the Meemaw actor. "You are humble, you are kind, you are loving, you are funny, and you will always be Meemaw. Love you so much!!" Revord wrote, paying tribute to Potts. Fans may not realize just how close the Missy and Meemaw stars are. While speaking with Pop Culturalist, Revord opened up about how she genuinely considers Potts to be her real life "meemaw," saying, "I have sleepovers with her, and she lives close, so we hang out a lot." 

Because they're so close, it's no surprise that Revord credits Potts with helping her develop her acting techniques. "I've worked with such amazing actors, like the Annie Potts, the legend, the one and only," Revord said a 2023 interview with Popternative. "I've learned so much from her and my cast members that surround me on [a] day-to-day basis." Potts herself has nothing but positive things to say about the younger cast on the series, which includes Revord. "These kids are especially smart. They are very in the moment," the Meemaw star said while speaking with the Times Colonist. "The kids are so grounded."

Hopefully, fans of the show will get to watch Meemaw and Missy's bond continue to grow for many more seasons to come.