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Gold Rush's Tony Beets Claims To Have No Regrets

Sometimes a person might look out their window and wonder what may have happened if they had chosen a different path. Perhaps the office worker could have had a life of adventure and excitement or picked a profession that they found personally rewarding, as opposed to one that simply pays the bills and fills the day. Rather than sitting behind a desk, gold miners, specifically those who appear in the popular documentary-style series "Gold Rush," brave the wilds in search of gold, and get to appear on television while doing so.

One of the most famous gold hunters in "Gold Rush" is Tony Beets. Beets has turned up in well over 200 episodes –only second in appearances to Parker Schnabel, another prolific miner on "Gold Rush." Before getting involved with "Gold Rush," Beets lived in the Netherlands. Seeking to forge his own path, he moved to Dawson City, where he got a job milking cows. However, fame and fortune soon found Beets on account of his work ethic and drive, which allowed him to live a life of his own making. This life, at least according to Beets, has led to zero regrets about his choices.

Beets sees himself as a 'lucky guy'

In an exclusive interview with Looper, Beets went over several aspects of his life before and during "Gold Rush" and its spin-off shows. One of the questions asked of the famous miner involved whether Beets would have done anything differently if he had the option to hit some kind of magic button and rewind his actions. Beets' response was quite telling: "I don't have regrets. So whenever I do something of this nature, I don't know, I don't regret. Smooth sailing for this lucky guy, I suppose."

Beets has an estimated net worth of $15 million, which may make any past missteps easy to overlook or let go of. Beyond his strong financial situation, Beets enjoys a measure of fame, and his own family helps him with his gold-extracting endeavors. That certainly doesn't sound like somebody who would have many regrets in their life. If anything, Beets feels blessed by his fortune and popularity and appears to want to share his luck and regret-free life with his family.