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Gold Rush's Greg Remsburg Made A Mistake That Angered Parker Schnabel

To most people, the idea of digging for buried treasure sounds fun and exciting. Well, that may be the case if it's a hobby. Walking on a beach with a metal detector is one thing, but, for people like the professionals on Discovery's "Gold Rush," it's no stroll along the sand. Mining for gold is a stressful, backbreaking job, and it also requires a significant financial investment. In the world of prospecting, you need money to make money. That's why tensions between co-workers can quickly reach a boiling point when things don't go well. This is exactly what happened between Parker Schnabel and Greg Remsburg when a profitable tactic was overlooked.

Schnabel was still a teenager when he debuted on "Gold Rush," but he held his own and soon became a fan favorite, despite his colorful language and short fuse. As for Remsburg, he popped up on the show around the same time. He was initially a member of Todd Hoffman's team, but crew tensions pushed him to look for a new scene. He went home to spend some quality time with his family for a while and then returned to join Schnabel's crew, who needed his knowledge. It wasn't long before viewers saw that this was maybe not the best move, as Schnabel and his new employee began to clash. When Remsburg made a costly mistake, tempers flared.

Greg Remsburg dumped some valuable pay dirt

Fans of "Gold Rush" know that the art of digging for that shiny treasure isn't as glamorous as it sounds. People who are unfamiliar with the business may think that these teams are digging through chunks of rock to find large nuggets of profit. However, the truth is that a portion of a crew's bounty comes from tiny specks of gold found in what's known as pay dirt. Pay dirt is the loose ground material in gold-rich areas that these dedicated workers sift through for hours on end. It's a painstaking process but it's necessary if the teams want to truly cash in. When Greg Remsburg made the decision to get rid of a significant amount of pay dirt, his boss was furious.

This all plays out in Season 4's "In Too Deep." Parker plans to fix up Little Blue, Todd Hoffman's former wash plant. The plant still has some pay dirt, though Remsburg decides to simply get rid of it without checking it, apparently convinced that it contains no gold. To Schnabel, throwing away the dirt is the same as throwing away money and he rips into Remsburg for making that call. It turns out Schnabel is right to be annoyed. He pan tests a sample of the discarded pay dirt and finds what he estimates to be around a thousand dollars worth of gold specs, proving that the decision cost the crew thousands of dollars. He tosses the pan to the ground during the heated argument that follows. Remsburg would ultimately apologize for his actions and they both got on with the job in hand.