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The Office: Superfans Episodes Show How Creed Is Even More Devious

Every good sitcom needs a wild card — someone unencumbered by always doing what's rational. They're the kind of character who would say or do anything and it would make sense. In a way, it gives the show's writers a way to give into their deepest impulses to simply have someone do what's asinine at any given moment. Charlie from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" famously gave in to his wild card tendencies, while Roger from "American Dad" can literally assume any identity he wants. 

As one of the defining sitcoms of the 21st century, "The Office" naturally had a wild card of its own in the form of Creed Bratton, played by Creed Bratton. He's a bit of a loose cannon with a tenuous grasp on his own job responsibilities and even the names of his co-workers. Eventually, he's arrested for various crimes by the end of the show's run, and for anyone who stayed with the series up to that point, it honestly made sense for his arc. There was no other way for it to end. 

However, Creed could've been even more bizarre, believe it or not. Some deleted scenes, which fans can now watch on Peacock via the Superfans Episodes, paint an even more disturbing picture of Dunder Mifflin's quality assurance representative. 

Creed Bratton has led an interesting life

A good portion of Creed's eccentric ways can be found in some deleted scenes from Season 3, Episode 21, "Product Recall." On Peacock, the first bit can be found at around the 12:20 mark. Creed bumps into a reporter in the break room, and the reporter recognizes Creed because he wrote his obituary years ago. Creed then goes into a confessional to reveal he did, in fact, fake his death and has collected the benefits as his own widow. It would've been interesting if the scene was left in because later in the show's run, Creed would once again fake his own death yet again before being found by Dwight (Rainn Wilson).

However, that wasn't supposed to be the only deranged thing Creed that in that particular episode. He was downright ruthless when it came to the firing of Debbie Brown. An obscene watermark went out on a shipment of paper, and as quality control, that was really Creed's job to find. However, he shifted the blame to Debbie. The NBC cut of the episode has some time devoted to this storyline, but even more is shown in the Superfans Episode. Creed demanded she be fired and even took congratulations from his co-worker for getting her terminated. 

Getting an innocent single mother of two kids fired is definitely up there among the worst things Creed has ever done. At least the scene of Creed collecting money on behalf of Debbie, only to pocket it for himself, made it into the network-aired episode.