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Some Gold Rush Fans Fast-Forward Through Tony Beets For An Amusing Reason

In a profession as exhausting and ruthless as gold mining, longevity is hard to come by. Throughout the last 13 seasons of "Gold Rush" we've seen plenty of miners struggle to make ends meet in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness, though one man who always seems to come out on top is series staple Tony Beets.

A veritable legend in the world of gold mining and the richest miner on "Gold Rush," Dutch miner Tony Beets has been a part of the series ever since Season 2 and has become something of a fan favorite for his consistently high production, iconic beard, and no-nonsense style of business. Over the years he's established himself as a capable leader and a hilarious reality TV star. There's no question that the notoriously foul-mouthed Beets has been one of the most entertaining parts of "Gold Rush" since his arrival. That said, there are some loyal "Gold Rush" viewers that claim they have to skip most of Beets' scenes for the sake of their hearing.

Fans hate the constant beeping whenever Beets swears

Although Tony Beets is undoubtedly one of the most popular cast members in all of "Gold Rush," there are plenty of fans online who say they can't stand to watch him due to the constant censorship needed every time he's on screen.

"I am going to fast forward through Tony. Just too many beeps to block out his obscenities," said Choral Engstrom in a Facebook comment. "A shame you can't watch what would be a good show except for the constant beeping for the filthy mouth people," echoed Anthony Goodrum. "Needs to be taken off the show if he can't clean his mouth up." Indeed, there are times when it seems like every other word out of Beets' mouth is a swear, so most of his sentences are broken up by jarring bleeps.

"I mean, it gets ridiculous sometimes, the beeping. I can't find any footage anywhere where you hear him say a full sentence without a beep," said u/snotters on Reddit, with u/GKsG5 agreeing that the beeping becomes incredibly aggravating after a while. Despite how some fans might feel toward Beets and his ludicrous swearing habit, one has to assume that he's not going to change anytime soon.