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Alex Borstein's Work On MADtv Helped Her Land Family Guy

For over two decades, Alex Borstein has been making home audiences fall off their couches laughing on the hit series "Family Guy," voicing various characters throughout the show's run, notably Lois Griffin. The red-headed matriarch of the family has arguably been one of the show's highlights since the beginning. According to the actress, none would have been possible without the sketch comedy series "MADtv." 

While Borstein's skills in the realm of voice acting have been proven many times in a wide range of exceptional titles with everything from the series "Power Rangers Zeo" to the movie "The Bad Guys," there is no denying that her time as Lois Griffin would most likely be considered by many her most significant achievement in the field. Of the three Emmy awards she has attained throughout her illustrious run in the industry, one was rightfully earned from her efforts in the booth for "Family Guy." The actress has done over 400 episodes of the show. In addition to Lois Griffin, she has played other popular "Family Guy" characters like news reporter Tricia Takanawa and Lois's mother, Barbara Pewterschmidt. There is no denying she excels at bringing characters to life with nothing more than her voice, and she has a wide range of examples in her body of work besides the Seth MacFarlane-created series to back that up. But some might be incredibly surprised to learn that one of her live-action endeavors was behind her being chosen to star in the animated sitcom. 

Borstein met Seth Macfarlane through the sketch comedy series

Before Alex Borstein started doing "Family Guy" in 1999, home audiences laughed at her antics in over 130 entries of "MADtv." Throughout her run on the sketch comedy series, she played various memorable characters like lounge singer Shaunda and outside-the-studio reporter Sue Napersville. Her time playing an array of silly personalities would eventually lead her to get the part of Lois Griffin. "I was working on 'MADtv,' which was developed by Leslie Kolins Small, who at the same time was shepherding Seth with 'Family Guy.' Originally, they thought 'Family Guy' would be interstitials during 'MADtv,'" Borstein revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. "I did the pilot presentation. I met Seth and went in the booth, and just started doing this voice. It was inspired by my cousin in Long Island but was slowah ... and lowah."

Since then, Borstein has been a solid contributor to the series, becoming much more than just another comedy to laugh at, and she realizes she is very fortunate to be a part of something so special. "Not a minute goes by where I don't realize how lucky I am. I don't take it for granted," In an interview with Looper discussing how Borstein believes "Family Guy" brings families together, the actress said, "I've got kids who are digging 'Family Guy' now. I'm letting them watch. It's amazing how the show brings different generations together." Whether it's critical acclaim, prestigious awards, or fun times with loved ones, Borstein has easily gotten the most out of her "Family Guy" experience, and it might have never gone down had it not been for "MADtv."