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Sarah Silverman's Experience On Seinfeld Wasn't A Good One (Thanks To Michael Richards)

When one thinks of "Seinfeld," they will surely remember it as one of the funniest shows of all time, giving way to many quotable moments and memorable characters that seem to lack a moral compass. The series first debuted in 1989, ending with "The Finale" in 1998, one of the most viewed final episodes of all time.

Considered a show about nothing, "Seinfeld" follows the lives of Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), George Constanza (Jason Alexander), and Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) as they go through jobs, relationships, and life in New York City. During the nine-season run, audiences saw many guest stars join the four friends, such as Courteney Cox, Jane Leeves, and Jon Voight. This list also included comedian Sarah Silverman, who appeared in the episode "The Money." Though she plays Kramer's girlfriend, Emily, Silverman did not have a good experience filming "Seinfeld" because of her interactions with Richards.

Michael Richards yelled at Silverman

Sarah Silverman talked about her experience filming with Michael Richards on "The Sarah Silverman Podcast."

Though her character has "Jimmy legs," and Kramer doesn't want to sleep in the same bed, he is soon afraid to sleep alone. When he thinks someone is trying to break into his apartment, Emily tries to calm him down by saying, "It's probably the wind." Silverman flubbed the line, replacing "wind" for "rain," and Richards, who was all business on set, was not pleased. "He points to the window, and he goes, 'Do you see rain in that window? Do you see rain in that window?' and I go, 'No,' and he says, 'Then why did you say rain?' It's not rain. There's no rain in that window! The line is 'wind'!" Silverman recalled.

Richard's outburst left her upset, and when she returned to set the next day, she called him out when he tried to make small talk. "[Richard] was kind of stunned, and it's like he snapped out of it a little. He understood what I was saying was, 'You don't talk like that and act like nothing happened,'" she said.

Fortunately, Richards was not offended and took her criticism in stride. They remained friendly after Silverman's time on "Seinfeld" ended, and according to the comedian, he would even call her up over the years.