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Josh Holloway Loved The Intimidation Of Working With Yellowstone's Kevin Costner

Given the popularity of "Yellowstone" — a popularity not just of the flagship show but of its prequels "1883" and "1923" — there are countless actors who would jump at the chance to be part of Taylor Sheridan's Montana-based universe. And to be clear, Sheridan has assembled an impressive stable of talent, both in terms of big names and faces that may be relatively new in the entertainment industry, from Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren to Isabel May and Brandon Sklenar.

At the center of it all, though, is one Kevin Costner. Costner is undoubtedly one of Hollywood's top veterans, with a resume going back over forty years and encompassing an impressive array of award nominations and wins. And whatever his future as ranching magnate John Dutton III may be, it's difficult to deny that his star power has contributed to the show's rise in ratings and critical praise. Just about anyone with any sense knows this, and that includes other actors in "Yellowstone."

Enter Josh Holloway. Holloway is by no means a television newbie. He's been an essential addition to every casting director's rolodex since his years playing Sawyer Ford on the landmark TV phenomenon "Lost." But even established actors have their bucket list of others they want to work with. Perhaps it's no surprise that Costner was on Holloway's list, but the specific reason that he was excited to work with him on "Yellowstone" may seem a bit odd at first glance.

Working with legends can be intimidating and thrilling

As "Yellowstone" fans will know, Josh Holloway appeared in Season 3 as Roarke Morris, a rival rancher, and hedge fund manager with his sights set on — what else? — John Dutton's land. Before Morris' harrowing death from a rattlesnake bite to the face, he serves as a primary antagonist through most of the season.

During an interview with Collider, Holloway was asked what it was like to face off with an actor like Kevin Costner in a scene. His answer is quite interesting. "I love working with legends 'cause it's just so intimidating," said Holloway. "Strangely enough, I've gotten comfortable being uncomfortable in this business. A lot of time, I get some nerves, but it doesn't really shake you like that. When you work with a legend, you're shaking in your boots for the first 15 minutes."

That rush of nerves and adrenaline is something that Holloway has learned to channel. He added that no actor wants to be reduced to a fanboy in front of a scene partner, no matter how accomplished they may be. Rather, every actor wants to be at their most professional, to be as present in the scene as it, and your partner, demands. And it sounds like Costner demanded it, albeit in exactly the way an actor wants. Even given Costner's status, Holloway refused to slack off, bringing his own A-game to their scenes together.

"It was wonderful working with him because he was very present, very humble, and still doing the work and not phoning it in," said Holloway. "I just have huge respect for that."