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The Two Gas Pumps That Cost American Pickers $5,300

In the 13 years since "American Pickers" made its History debut, the antiquing road show has aired more than 360 episodes. And over that astonishingly lengthy run, viewers have watched Mike Wolfe and his merry band of pickers lay down cold, hard cash for a wild array of artifacts too numerous to recall. And if we've learned anything about Wolfe and company over the years, it's that there's very little they won't pay out for so long as they believe they can flip it for even a modest profit.

That approach has often led the gang to shell out big bucks for vintage gas station signs and other related artifacts. On a few very rare occasions, the "American Pickers" crew has even taken the plunge and picked up an entire vintage gas pump. Such items in good shape can indeed fetch a pretty penny on the antique market. And during a Season 23 episode of the show, Robbie Wolfe came across a pair of relatively well-kept pumps he just couldn't walk away from. In the end, the frequent "American Pickers" co-star paid a whopping $5,300 for the pair. 

Robbie Wolfe had to do some work to get the pricey gas pump deal done on American Pickers

Robbie Wolfe came across a couple of pricey gas pumps while picking in the garage of a recently departed collector in the Arizona desert. Said garage was stacked to the brim with classic cars, bikes, toys, and, of course, gas station relics from yesteryear. Unfortunately for Wolfe, the collector's wife and son weren't particularly motivated to sell many of the items on hand. In fact, Wolfe only broached the subject of the gas pumps after being shut down completely regarding offers on a classic truck and a pair of immaculate signs.

As it turns out, the collector's son, Kevin, was actually willing to part with the bright red Mobilgas pump Wolfe pointed out. As the "American Pickers" star noted, the item was particularly covet-worthy as it featured a unique clock face and came with all of its original pieces intact. What Wolfe didn't count on is Kevin knowing exactly what the item was likely worth, and sticking to his guns regarding the price he would take for it. The negotiation nearly fell apart, but Wolfe was able to salvage the pick by offering to package it with another pump. This time, Wolfe had his eye on a classic art deco-styled beauty in a slightly rough shape.

Wolfe pushed to make the deal at $5,000 for the pair, but he still got pushback. Ultimately, Kevin struck a deal at $5,300, making this one of the rare occasions where the "American Pickers" team essentially paid the seller's asking price for their pick.