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Ashton Kutcher Says It's 'Terrifying To Think' About Discussing That '70s Show With His Kid

Sets, lights, cameras. There is nothing more romantic. Or so it seems, judging from how many actors have ultimately married their onscreen partners. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are just one couple of many that have tied the knot following their professional relationship. The two met on "That '70s Show" set as constantly bickering couple Kelso and Jackie, respectively. Kunis has admitted that she lied about her age and was cast in the series at only 14 years old, while Kutcher was a good five years her senior. For this reason, the couple didn't find love until well into adulthood. But love can also be a double-edged sword. 

Bonding with your costar almost seems inevitable in some cases, but it can become an issue once you have children. Jared Padalecki shared that there is one episode of "Supernatural" he can't show his children because of mature material involving his real-life wife. Now Kutcher finds himself in a similar situation, self-admittedly terrified about introducing his children to the show that made them possible.

Kelso's relationship with Jackie could be confusing to unpack

Parenting can be full of pitfalls and anxieties, and that is without the added stress of your children seeing you on television. While it is a romantic notion that Ashton Kutcher was Mila Kunis' first kiss on the set of "That '70s Show," actually showing the evidence is entirely different.

"Some day my kids are gonna have to watch ["That '70s Show"], and they're gonna be real confused about what was real and what wasn't real," Kutcher mused to Vanity Fair while rewatching a scene. "And then we'll have to walk them through it. Terrifying to think." The terror may be because the real-life parents are nothing like their on-screen personas. 

Jackie is the most obvious deviation from real life. Kunis' character is spoiled and outspoken, often putting her own thoughts and needs before everyone else's. But Kelso also doesn't come off too well. Though he arguably loves Jackie more than anyone else, their relationship is peppered with infidelity and straight-up abandonment. Kelso fleeing to California after an ill-timed proposal isn't his greatest hour. This complicated timeline of Kutcher and Kunis meeting for the first time, pretending to be a couple, and only marrying years later is hard enough for anyone to wrap their head around. One can only assume that the couple's relationship is full of more love and respect than the story of the outrageous characters that made them famous.