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1923 Star Aminah Nieves Warns Viewers To Get Ready For An Emotional Season 1 Finale

This article contains spoilers for "1923" Season 1, Episode 7 — "The Rule of Five Hundred." 

Unlike the tragic characters of Taylor Sheridan's first prequel, "1883," the Duttons of "1923" will return for another season. The popularity and shining stars of the series are just some of the components that have ensured the show will continue. Starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as the Prohibition-era Duttons in charge of Yellowstone, the series depicts more harrowing events than ever before. "1923" doesn't just focus on the cattle ranchers willing to risk their lives to defend their livelihood. The emotional drama also focuses on the revolting real-life crimes committed against the Indigenous population of the time.

One of the most egregious was the church-sanctioned boarding schools whose mission was to separate Indigenous children from their families and forcibly ingratiate them into Christian society. With their culture — and in many instances, their lives — taken from them, characters such as Teonna (Aminah Nieves) shed light on this dark aspect of American history. So far viewers have watched her abuse at the hands of nuns and her eventual long-awaited escape scene. But according to Nieves, more is to come in the Season 1 finale.

No one is getting away with dry eyes

In the Taylor Sheridan universe, no characters come out clean. But Teonna's treatment is exceptionally brutal. Even when she finally escapes the confines of the systematic abuse that has ensnared her for half a season, she still has no time to rest. After her escape, the priests in hot pursuit kill her ally Hank (Michael Greyeyes) and his son. Once again, Teonna must defend her own life and kill those who killed her friends. 

With only one episode in the season left, it seems like barely anyone will get out alive. Aminah Nieves told Deadline that she hopes her character will make it to the second season. But that still leaves the events of the final episode. What exactly will happen? Of course, Nieves remains tight-lipped. Actors in the "Yellowstone" universe know better than to give away the details of Sheridan's prized creation. But Deadline still wanted to know what to expect, and who can blame them? Nieves gave one tidbit to the outlet that makes us more worried than comforted.

"Have your box of tissues at hand," Nieves hinted. "Episode eight really destroyed me." Judging from the material the actor has had to contend with this season, it's a safe assumption that she's speaking about Teonna. But we won't know for sure until the final episode of the season airs on Sunday, February 26. Hopefully she will make it to Season 2, like Nieves hopes.