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Harrison Ford Was Surprised How Much Taylor Sheridan Got Right About Him In 1923

"1923" star Harrison Ford is best known for portraying beloved outlaw hero Han Solo in the "Star Wars" franchise. But the actor is currently exploring a new frontier lightyears from George Lucas' space opera. Ford plays patriarch Jacob Dutton in creator Taylor Sheridan's "1923," and the thespian isn't one of those who disparage television when compared to movies. In fact, Ford seems to enjoy the time Sheridan can devote to developing characters via streaming.

"For me, for an actor, there's not much difference between shooting for television and shooting for a feature film," Ford said in an interview with Collider. "There may be actually more time to develop a character over a number of different episodes than you have in a two-hour film. But it really is the only difference really these days, I believe."

Critics currently continue to dote on Season 1 of "1923" and have given the Paramount+ series very positive ratings. The Western also boasts a favorable audience score at the time of this writing, so the consensus is that the "Yellowstone" spin-off is galloping along the right path. Fans are enjoying the ride, and even Ford fancies his eerily like-minded character of Jacob Dutton in "1923."

Ford couldn't believe the parallels between himself and Dutton

Harrison Ford literally had no clue what he was getting into when he agreed to don the trademark 10-gallon cowboy hat of Jacob Dutton in "1923." In fact, Ford wasn't even presented with a script when he first met with the show's creator, Taylor Sheridan. Regardless, the actor signed on to play the part. And when Ford got to read some pages, he was taken aback by the similarities between himself and the show's protagonist. "There are things in the scripts that I never would've anticipated that are emotionally consistent with things that have happened in my life," Ford said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"So, when I was reading it, I was thinking, 'What the f***?'" Ford continued. The thespian didn't go into specifics regarding the intricate details of Jacob Dutton that mirrored his own life. Rather, Ford made it plain that he didn't want to share the intimate particulars. However, the actor did elaborate on something that fascinated him during the discoveries he made while reading the "1923" scripts. 

"He talks about turning a natural place into a city and the consequences to nature and for people that live there," Ford told THR. This facet of character development in "1923" truly impressed Ford. "I'm struck by how consistent it is with what I think — or what I might have thought, were I a rancher with the same personality in 1923."