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Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson Took 'Everything He Could Get His Hands On' From The Set

After working on the same project for many years, whether it be a television or film series, it makes sense that actors would want to take home a piece of memorabilia. From "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe snagging a pair of his character's iconic black glasses, to Kristen Stewart keeping Bella Swan's engagement ring from "Twilight," many stars have some pretty cool items in their possession.

For the cast of "Gilmore Girls," the desire to take something from the idyllic New England set was strong. After all, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, and the rest spent seven years together bringing to life the colorful townsfolk of Stars Hollow.

Throughout "Gilmore Girls," the various sets, costumes, and props add to the cozy nature of the series. This is especially true at Luke's Diner, owned by Luke Danes (Patterson). Whenever a customer enters, they know a few things are a certainty: they will be handed the same menu, drink coffee out of a large, colorful mug, and be greeted by the usually-grumpy owner, who's always sporting a plaid shirt and backward-facing baseball cap.

Over the show's seven-year run, all of these things became a part of Patterson, which is why he didn't hold back when it came time to nab props from the set of "Gilmore Girls."

Scott Patterson took home all of Luke's hats and some diner menus

In a cast interview on "TODAY," Scott Patterson was asked to share what he took from the "Gilmore Girls" set. However, a better question may have been, what didn't he take? He answered, "Oh, everything I could get my hands on. All the hats, I took some menus. I tried to get a chair and a table out of there but I got caught." Patterson added that he keeps Luke's caps secured in a safe at his home.

Luke's baseball cap obsession — specifically the blue one gifted to him by Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) after he goes with her to visit her father, Richard (Edward Herrmann), at the hospital — is a major component of his character. Luke is almost never seen without one on his head, so it makes sense that Patterson wanted to keep this accessory.

Plus, according to some fans, Luke's hats symbolize a deeper meaning than just many, many lazy hair days. On TikTok, @whats.your.damage.katie shared the theory that his cap of choice shows how he's feeling toward Lorelai at the moment. Prior to the gifting of the blue hat, he usually sports a gray one. But after this gesture from Lorelai, the blue hat is a constant, especially after she informs Luke that it looks good on him. When the pair splits in season 7, the blue hat is replaced with others from his closet, including a black one, until they reconcile. At this time, it's back to blue, much to Lorelai's quiet excitement. @whats.your.damage.katie said, "She [Lorelai] notices immediately."

Therefore, Luke's hats are much more than what they appear. They're a symbol of Luke and Lorelai's complicated relationship, and of this massive chapter in Patterson's career.