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You Can Now Watch Inuyasha, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, And More For Free On YouTube

There are some anime titles that are so popular, everyone's heard of them whether they're anime fans or not. Shows like "Death Note," "Sailor Moon," and "Inuyasha" are known around the world for being standouts in their genres and even if someone has never seen them, they've likely heard of them. After all, "Sailor Moon" is the prime go-to for the magical girl anime formula, to name one example.

Many avid anime enthusiasts will claim that some of these influential series helped shape the world of anime so much that any fan should see them at least once. Many of these memorable and recognizable anime series are considered classics now, and some anime fans may not have been able to watch them due to how long ago they aired. Finding highly rated media, no matter how popular, can be challenging. 

Fortunately, Viz Media has made watching some of these must-sees a whole lot easier for everyone by adding playlists to YouTube for massively popular anime, including "Naruto," "Hunter x Hunter," and  the aforementioned "Inuyasha." This has made it easy to access some of the most famous titles ever created free of charge. The downside is, the shows are offered in their original Japanese release with English subtitles. While many fans prefer this format, there are also those who prefer dubbed versions instead, though these are not yet available at the time of writing.

Viz Media has lots of free-to-watch popular anime titles, but there is some filler

"Inuyasha" has 197 episodes in its playlist. Like most anime, "Inuyasha" is based on a manga series, and the anime follows much of the manga's storyline. That said, lengthy anime is notorious for containing filler episodes, and "Inuyasha" is no exception. The first example doesn't happen until the 60th video, an episode titled "The Beautiful Sister Apprentices." That said, there are quite a few filler episodes, including a large chunk from the 90th to the 102nd video in the playlist.

"Naruto" has been a cultural phenomenon since it started nearly 20 years ago and the original series is a must-see. The playlist has 220 episodes, though, so prepare for a long haul. That said, there are many filler episodes to watch out for, including a massive chunk of the last portion. Starting at Episode 143 ("Tonton! I'm Counting on You!"), most of the rest of the series deviates from the manga.

"Hunter x Hunter" has 148 episodes. Despite its impressive run, the series has very few filler episodes. Only two episodes are considered filler, which are Episodes 13 ("Letter × From × Gon") and 26 ("Then × And × After").

In addition to these series, Viz Media has also uploaded "Death Note," a relatively short anime with only 37 episodes. "Mr. Osomatsu" is another available series, but only the first 50 episodes can be watched. It's the only anime uploaded by Viz Media that isn't the complete series. The company also included the original "Sailor Moon." This iconic magical girl anime is the longest playlist, with almost 240 episodes.

There's also a short playlist of anime movies available that includes four "Inuyasha" films.