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PETA Claims Joel McHale's Animal Control Is Backwards For Not Using CGI Animals

In a public statement that sort of loses steam when you remember that we put actual animals in very real soup, animal rights group PETA has branded the new Fox sitcom "Animal Control" as "a sickening soup of animal exploitation." That story again: Gumbo exists, but whatever.

The slightly befuddling admonishment comes by way of PETA's Director of Captive Animal Welfare Debbie Metzler, who went on to condemn series star Joel McHale, theorizing that he "either doesn't know or doesn't care that it's 2023 and that CGI, VFX, and other humane forms of technology should be used, instead of dragging abused animals onto TV and film sets." McHale, seen here cuddling a sloth named Hudson, could not be reached for comment regarding what year it is or whether or not he knows things.

The representative for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals continued by calling the actor and executive producer "Joel McFail," which was mean.

PETA v Animal Control: The battle never ends

"Animal Control," which premiered February 16 on Fox, is a workplace sitcom that stars Joel McHale as Frank Shaw, a street-smart former cop who winds up wrangling Seattle's possums after an attempt to expose corruption in his department goes wrong.

The issue at hand, according to PETA, is the series' specifically understandable use of live animal performers. The show's pilot episode, for example, included a subjectively intimidating number of ostriches, multiple dogs, and at least one ferret, although there may have been multiple ferrets, those things can be hard to keep track of. Additionally, its debut season promises appearances by a boa constrictor and a bear in the near future.

On behalf of said animal performers, Metzler did not mince words, concluding her statement with the assertion that "Animals aren't the key to [Joel McHale's] comeback, and neither is this sad show."

"Animal Control" airs Thursdays on Fox, and is currently available to stream on Hulu.