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Would You Believe That Lug Nuts Boy From Yellowstone Season 4 Is Still Alive?

There are still a lot of things on "Yellowstone" that don't make sense and that fans would like to see tied up better, but no inconsistency seems to bug fans quite as much as the character they've nicknamed Lug Nuts Boy. In the Season 3 finale, "The World is Purple," John Dutton (Kevin Costner) stops to help a woman stranded on the side of the road with her car broken down. John attempts to help and sends the woman's young son to fetch the lost lug nuts he needs to finish fixing the car, but some men come along to shoot John and kill the woman he's helping. John survives and the woman doesn't, but no explanation is ever given as to what happened to the young character looking for the lug nuts.

Fans have their theories about what happened to the poor Lug Nuts Boy who lost his mother. In a thread in the r/YellowstonePN subreddit, u/PatFNDuffy asked what happened to Lug Nuts Boy, and fans had some wild theories. Redditor u/Krazy_Mountain_Kow suggested that the poor boy is still out looking for those lug nuts. u/Moose135A had the sensible suggestion that the sheriff's office would have collected the boy and put him in CPS. But it was u/WildlifePolicyChick who had the wildest theory, saying, "He stole the dinosaur bones from Kayce's property. At the same time, he spirited away Lucky, Tate's horse. Both will subsidize his vengeance against the Duttons." It's unlikely that Taylor Sheridan is going to write that storyline, but fans can dare to dream.

But, if you can believe it, one person on YouTube claims to have the inside scoop on Lug Nuts Boy, and it seems he might have survived the incident.

The actor who played Lug Nuts Boy says his character is still alive

In response to a video on the Taste of Country YouTube channel, a user named Robert McFadden claimed to know the actor who plays Lug Nuts Boy, Brady Clegg, and, according to him, we may not have seen the end of the character. The YouTube user said the actor lives in the same neighborhood with him and takes his Sunday school class, and apparently, McFadden took the opportunity to do some digging about the show. 

"One day I turned to him and asked him, 'did you get shot?'" McFadden said. "He's a serious little guy and a bit shy but he just shook his head 'no'. Then I asked him if his mom got shot and added, 'she died, right?' He shook his head yes. The other kids were going nuts trying to figure out what we were talking about." Putting aside the fact that this Sunday school teacher probably terrified a bunch of kids into thinking the young actor's mother had been shot instead of his fictional mother from the show, McFadden's story, if true, could be a clue for a future plot point in "Yellowstone." But does the young boy really have inside information about the future of his character?

As for Clegg, he doesn't have any acting credits to his name aside from that one "Yellowstone" episode, so it doesn't seem like he's doing that much acting. That might make it a little less likely that he returns to explain the fate of the missing Lug Nuts Boy, but it's certainly not impossible.