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The Expanse Is Continuing, But Only As A Comic (That Amazon Needs To Snatch)

Sci-fi television got a boost thanks to "The Expanse" — the series ponders what would happen if humanity split into three very distinct units. While nature plays a role in collective suffering, much of the series' conflict comes from those who make us these groups — Earthers, Martians, and Belters. Still, their biggest struggle may come from an increasingly competitive TV and streaming market.

Despite critical praise and a loyal fanbase, its first run on SYFY ended in cancellation. Undaunted by the abrupt ending, producers sought a new home after three seasons; fans contributed with constant outreach to various services as well as online word-of-mouth. Amazon Prime then stepped in to keep the story going with three additional seasons, but this second incarnation came to a close with another cancellation announcement. While it might seem like all is lost for the complex series, there's another medium helping it to live on, and it's something close to the source material from author James S. A. Corey.

A Kickstarter campaign is continuing the story

The next chapter is being written as part of a graphic novel series. Instead of the usual publishing outlet, BOOM Studios reached out to fans in hopes of bringing this project to life; a Kickstarter campaign page laid out their plans, including the involvement of creator James S. A. Corey. It was an instant success, reaching $887,130 with over 20 days left. Given that there's a high level of interest remaining, Amazon Prime could theoretically give the property a second look. Using a graphic novel to lay out a continuing storyline could be just what the streaming service is seeking.

Amazon has recently been on a buying spree with an eye toward graphic novel properties. Much of the credit for that push goes towards the streamer's success with "The Boys." The adaptation became a hit for Amazon, leading to two spin-offs — "The Boys Presents: Diabolical" and "Gen V." It's not alone in presenting a possible franchise for the service. Last year saw the company pick up Charles Soule and Ryan Browne's "Eight Billion Genies" with an eye toward it becoming a cross-media property. That type of world-building opportunity would be just what "The Expanse" offers with this new story. If not in series form, the sci-fi drama could open doors to animation, short-form content, and even live-action spin-offs centered around various characters.