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Creed Fans Hope They're Right And That Drago Will Train Adonis In Creed 3

"Creed 3" is closer than ever to its big debut, and it seems like Michael B. Jordan's Adonis is going to need all the help he can get for this match. The third installment in the "Rocky" sequel franchise is shaping up to be a more personal tale for Adonis than ever before, as he faces off against his childhood friend Dame Anderson (Jonathan Majors). Having served a lengthy prison sentence while watching Adonis soar to new heights as a boxer, Dame's resentment drives him to challenge his former friend in the ring, and their duel may end up becoming the biggest fight in the "Rocky" and "Creed" movies yet.

Of course, it's going to be an even tougher-than-usual journey for Adonis without his mentor. As was previously announced, Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa won't be appearing in this latest installment of the franchise, meaning that Adonis will be lacking his strongest source of support. However, many fans are holding out hope that another legacy character from the movies will take the iconic boxer's place in training Adonis: Viktor Drago from "Creed 2."

Are Drago and Adonis teaming up?

While it was previously announced that Florian Munteanu would be coming back in "Creed 3" as Viktor Drago, the nature of his return was kept under wraps. However, the final trailer for "Creed 3" has offered a greater tease at what the character is up to. In one sequence, Drago approaches Adonis, and the two are then seen engaging in what is ostensibly a training match.

Based on this new look, fans are hoping that "Creed 3" will see Drago training Adonis for his big fight against Dame. "It seems like he's Creed's sparring partner," u/SpaceMyopia noted. "It may be an Apollo/Rocky sort of relationship." Other fans shared similar ideas, doubling down on the seeming parallels between Rocky and Apollo's rivals-to-friends dynamic from the original trilogy. "So this is Rocky III with Viktor as the Apollo," u/trylobyte wrote. "It'll end with a freeze frame of the Adonis Viktor rematch."

A partnership between Adonis and Drago makes sense with regard where things left off with the latter in "Creed 2." That movie's ending saw Adonis finally beat Drago in the ring by forcing his opponent's father to forfeit the match out of compassion for his son. Given the hopeful ending for the Dragos in the previous movie, it follows that a sequel would see a more well-adjusted version of the former antagonist. Of course, fans will only know for certain whether Drago and Adonis are teaming up when "Creed 3" debuts on March 3.